Saturday, March 20, 2010

a failure garage sale featuring Tila

What happens when a celebrity like Tila has a garage sale? The answer to that is, only 50 people show up.

Tila did end up having her garage sale despite her forgetting about it the other day, and saying she was going to Las Vegas. The garage sale was supposed to start at 11 am and end at 5 pm. Anything that was left after 5 would be given out for free. Well, this is not how it went. By the time 11 am came around, Tila was not there. She showed up to her garage sale an hour late, making everyone there wait outside. Even though Tila arrived around noon looking a hot mess, and didn't let anyone in until 1:30. According to a comment made on her facebook by an ex staff member, Tila was high off of something. That is why she showed up late, because she had to sober down. I don't think the people who attended the garage sale would be surprised. She was out of it.

Everything she showed in her pictures seemed to be there, except for the love note journal from Benji. The clothes had all their tags ripped off for some reason. My guess would be that Tila was trying to act like certain things were designer when they weren't. There was ridiculous prices for things that were not in good shape.

There was Tila Army shirts being sold for $1, apparently those shirts are a couple years old. And to many fans dismay, Tila did not end up giving out free pictures. Tila did claim that she would give out free pictures for all purchases, but she ended up charging $10 for it. Tila sure needs money if she couldn't even do that for her fans.

As for the tour of her house that was supposed to happen, it didn't. Anyone who wanted to take pictures WITH Tila could not. She only allowed pictures of her alone.

The garage sale did not last until five, not even close. By the time it ended Tila did not give the rest of her stuff away for free, just rushed everybody out of there.

If I was a fan of Tila's I'd be greatly disappointed. What did you get out of going there? A high Tila who was rude to everybody, no free pictures, and you didn't get to take pictures with her.

The whole thing was a complete disaster.

Tila hunny, this garage sale was a complete FAIL, and she's already started lying about it.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Just curious about your writing since you used the word inticipated which is a very old and seldom used version of anticipated. Were you raised in the UK?

Anonymous said...

did she even bathe?

Nikki said...

ew who would want to buy her used raunchy ass shoes

Jayden's Chunks said...

I wonder if each item came with a free taxi ride to the free clinic?

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering why a garage sale in the first place?

From the pictures I saw, she could've donated that stuff to Goodwill.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous, who asks about the word 'inticipated', would your name happen to be Barry?

TMZ has a little blurb on the mongrel's garbage sale, I mean, mogul's garage sale, and a short video.

The video is hilarious because Tila blurts out randomly that there are tons of cops and fire marshalls there (though the cops were there on a complaint), like it's proof that she's a big shot. The only person impressed with that was obviously Tila. The video is pretty awkward towards the end when she makes that statement, because you can tell she was eager to get it in.

Anonymous said...

I think Tila Army fans might take the resistance more seriously if you guys could learn to be civil. Picking on a teenage boy? Seriously?? Grow up guys. And Nino showing how unstable she is by making threats, posting people's private information online and creating drama with absolutely everyone is pathetic. Throw in a little Jodacatt for good measure, and my reasoning for no longer supporting the resistance is clear.
Really, you guys are just as bad as Tila. Minus all the fake pregnancies and alleged meth habit.

Spiked Tequila said...

I could give a shit less what Tila Army thinks. They are a bunch of 12 year olds. LMFAO. as for "picking" on Mittiee. You obviously don't get the gist of what is going on. HE has come after ALL of us. Anyone who tweets Tila in a bad way he will bother forever. YES we can block him, but still he deserves to be told off. AS FOR ME. I HAVE NEVER NOT ONCE threatend Mittiee or called him anything VULGAR. So don't put all of us in the same category. THANKS :) As for Nino, she hasnt posted any threats/personal information that I've seen. Don't believe the silly lies you read hunny.

Get over yourself. You clearly don't know what's really going on. If you did you wouldn't be saying this.

Glad you aren't apart of us anymore. Hope to not see you commenting on my blogs then.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Spiked Tequila.
I really enjoy your blog, and hope you have a great day.
My Husband hid the Tequila from me, but I'll find it and have a shot for ya!


Alice said...

duuude this was a fail. I HATE HER lmao and her damn clothes >.<

saramb25 said...

You would think Tila would get it already, she is a big FAIL!!

Anonymous said...

please tell us you're going to do a nice juicy blog post on tila's lates blog offering: the photoshopped pics she's trying to pass off as her "mansion".

i particularly love the ghost child playing the piano!

Sandra said...

I have been busy and i have not been able to follow Tila's trainwreak of a life for some time but good to know that i can update myself from you blog. Keep up the good work!