Monday, March 8, 2010

The bloggers are scared of Tila

Thanks to Eduardo Retardo for the screencaps!

Tila's PR must be sleeping, because she just had another rant. She has now decided that all of us bloggers are scared of her and her little c&d's. Funny thing is only one blog got one, and they laughed about it with the rest of us. She thinks we all put up little disclaimers due to the c&d but I think most of us already had a little disclaimer on our blog long BEFORE she even talked about suing us all. I find it extremely funny that she thinks our blogs are full of lies. Most of our blogs are filled with screencaps of what she has said on Twitter and now Facebook, which was just pointed out that obviously our blogs are filled with lies if they're full of her Twitter and Facebook screencaps. She's the one making herself look like a fool. We aren't making her say the stupid things she does.

Tell me what other REAL celebrity goes on rants about their hate blogs. Let's be real, all celebrities have haters, and people who say negative things about them. But you don't see them acting a fool over it. Tila doesn't just sit there and rant about the blogs she most likely spends hours sifting through our blogs and reading all the posts. I've gotten some suspicious comments that seem like they were from her, and I'm sure all the other blogs have too. What's funny is I got a comment on one of my blogs that basically said exactly what Tila said in this little note. It was about Rotspot being scared and putting a disclaimer up. I now think that that was really Tila. Seriously REAL celebrities don't spend all their time talking about their haters and reading all their blogs.

Another thing that is a huge lie is Tila saying she won the case against Shawne Merriman. Her case against him was dismissed due to insufficient evidence, and his case against her was setlled between them. She didn't win anything.

By the way incase you didn't know Raz B wasn't even signed by Tila. They apparently had a little "deal." So I'm guessing her record label is fake as well.

Real celebrities with CLASS just don't do this:


Anonymous said...

She's going INSANE tonight. But think about it. The blogs are filled with lies because they're filled with all of Tila's lies. Okay she's not that smart, nevermind. But why would you send people to blogs that prove OVER AND OVER how you're a liar, and a bad one at that? She either thinks her fans are complete idiots (well, she's right most of the time), or it's a HUGE cry for help. Maybe she wants to be caught?


Anonymous said...

Dont forget we are talking about the same idiot that went on and on about a "100 motorcycle escort and Hummer" and in the same blog posted the video that clearly showed 12 and a jeep. She is about as dumb as a person can be.

The Gnome said...

I love this precious little retard! She's making us famous :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! You guys rock! I love every single blog...

THANK YOU for all of the laughs, you crack me up. Yet she does make it easy : )

Sonja said...

Tila gets more pathetic with each passing day, no, I take that back, with each passing hour.

How in the world can she say people make false allegations about her when the only thing the so called "haters" are doing is pointing out the contradictions in her lies that SHE post on the internet. No one is posting these outrageous lies, SHE IS.

Instead of saying "I was wrong" or "I made a mistake" she says others are lying on her.

This is what I can't understand about her. Does she not read what she has posted? Is she that dense.

Anyway, keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you don't actually need a disclaimer in order to be protected. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get a blog removed from wordpress or blogspot - she would have to prove that the statements being made on this site and others are false (which they are not) and she would just be wasting money and it would get her nowhere. You can basically say whatever you want as long as it's the truth and there isn't a damn thing she can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Tila is a hot mess, but I it's like a car wreck... I CAN'T LOOK AWAY! I love the anti-tila blogs. You guys are the ray of sunshine in my day.

Anonymous said...

It is illegal for Tila to discuss the terms of her settlement. Shawn tweeted ages ago, asking people to tell him if she talked about it. I don't have a twitter, but if anyone could forward this information to him I would LOVE to see what happens. She really is AWFUL!

Anonymous said...

U guyz r juzt haterz and needz to get a life. Who carez if Tilaz lying to uz, it'z hur bizness! I'm sending you a see... sea... seese and dizist (c&d). POW!!!

No, seriously, you guys, rotspot, eduardo, spiked tequila and co. should have your own tv show. I'd watch religiously! You always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

To clarify, you guys make me laugh WITH you, not AT you... I've got Tila for that. Bless that bobble headed freak :)

Sarah said...

I love that you guys are really pissing her off. I really think she is freaking out with the IRS on her butt!!

Veritas Ignis said...

Well obviously Captain Psycho seriously had nothing better to do than to read blogs that don't believe anything she says. What other person actually spends time looking up and reading negative things about them?? How self-centered can anyone possibly be? This more than anything is PROOF she doesn't have 1/2 the stuff she says she has going on in her life, who else would have time to look up and read all the blogs??

Spike said...

Me again. I was the one who posited that the rotspot folks might be laying low due to things heating up.

Nope I'm still not Tila. :)

I'm no fan of Tila. I just like a good trainwreck whenever I find one (Amy Winehouse used to be such good fodder). It just seemed that the timing of their disappearance was a bit suspicious.

Besides, not all us "haters" come from the same cloth. I can disagree with some of the stuff written about Tila (like the bankruptcy thing - I'd love better evidence if it's available!), but still support the goal of the "hater blogs": to expose her lies and hopefully decrease her young, impressionable fanbase. To hopefully have her called to task for her despicable, injurious (to minors, to Casey's family, to the bodyguard group etc) actions.

I just don't buy absolutely *everything* I read on the internet, when I don't know you and I do think you go overboard at times.

I think its incredibly convenient for you folks to sit back and say that everyone who doesn't agree with everything you do just *must* be Tila. Pretty transparent way of attempting to discredit anyone who disagrees, in small part, to what you do.

The rest of what you do - pretty good. Interesting for the most part.


Anonymous said...

what did did razb and tila have? fill me in