Friday, March 26, 2010

Tila's new mansion

Thanks to @tilasbusted for the screencaps

UPDATE: I have the before picture of Tila's house before it got all the crap in it to read the blog go here:

If you are "rich" and are looking in to buying a beautiful new home, this is what you have to look forward to. Okay, that's entirely untrue but if your Tila Tequila this is a nice house. I don't have problems with people living in apartments or smaller houses, I'm not claiming to be rich either, but I have problems with people lying about it. Tila acts like this is a huge beautiful home, but it looks far from it.

First off, the two "lounge areas" that are supposted to be on two different floors are actually in the same room. As you can see the same glass table, and red carpet are visible in both. The lounge area with the kitchen in the back is supposed to be on the second floor, but why would the kitchen be on the second floor? And rewinding back to what I just said its on the same floor as the other lounge area. I'm going to assume it is on the first floor since I have never seen a kitchen on the second floor. The size of the kitchen leads me to believe it is an aprtment, that is a VERY small kitchen. It was mentioned to be that the kitchen looks very similar to Tila's old house as well. The cabinets seem to be the same style. Tila seems to have everything crammed together as well. Why would the piano be there if there was more room for it?

What is up with the fake baby playing the piano? I don't understand that. As for the Marilyn Monroe painting, there is a picture just like that at target. You can tell the art work is very tacky. So far it's not looking so good for Tila's supposed mansion.

I'm going to say this is either a one story or an apartment. We cannot see what's outside of the bedroom glass door, but if it was the ground that would confirm it. The glass door may, however, just be a door to the patio.

Whatever the case this house is definately NOT a mansion. Please let me know if you think it resembles her old house in a way as well.




Anonymous said...

Tila paid 5.1 mill for this condo

Anonymous said...

$5.1 mill? real estate transactions are public record. Nope, didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy records are public also - you can go on PACER (government website that provides online access to bankruptcy records) and look up Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen - and there ya have it!

A said...

First of all I think we all know this is NOT a mansion. It looks like a one bedroom apartment. That kitchen is a dead giveaway. I live in a two bedroom apartment and my kitchen is small just like that.

It looks like she had a big room off the kitchen and made part of it a dining "area" and the other part a sitting "area". Each to their own when it comes to taste, but a tree stump and zebra chairs, IMO, is tacky.

The bedroom is just a normal bedroom with a big window. Some of the nicer apartments do have chandeliers though.

The room where she has the couch and glass table is the the living room with a small patio outside. We have a patio too but we access it from our dining room.

I live in Cali and trust me, the majority of the apartments are set up like that. If you live in a nice area you will have more square footage and the set up may be a bit different but that's it.

Of course, the place has a pool. If she lives in one of the nicer apartment complexes they also have an exercise and rec room so the tenants can workout.

Could be a small condo and if the above poster is correct and Tila paid 5.1 mil for this, she got screwed royally. If this is an upgrade from her old place, the old place must have been a shack.

I wonder why she didn't take photos with a wider angle of the rooms so we could get a better view?

A said...

I forgot to add this. Tila said she had diamond chandeliers. LOL.

Tila, those are called crystal chandeliers.

Anonymous said...

Wow thats pathetic, its the same exact house with a new coat of paint and furniture. The fireplace is in the same exact spot, kitchen looks the same, and the chandalier is the same.

Anonymous said...

Check out her oh so fabulous artwork! Okay I like the poster but come on... I wouldn't pay someone $30,000 to buy me something that cost under $30!!

Anonymous said...

Where can i find those bankrupcy-files? is a transportation company and is for disabled children or something:P i want to see the records

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

thanx:) but how do i do to search for her?

Jayden's Chunks said...

Pssst! Tila! In a real "mansion", the dining area and piano are not in the same room as the living room. And it's clear that she got rid of her king bed because there was no room for it in that teeny tiny new bedroom.

There's no shame in living in an apratment. Millions of people do. The real shame is the delusional lying about it. Simply pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, the diamond chandaliers got me to!
She said yesterday, that she would post pic.s of the downstairs soon. It will be interesting how she's going to twist this one around.
This is clearly an apartment or small condo.
I hope the Management is geared up for all the complaints from the neighbors.
I feel so bad for her new neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's a a whole new level of pathetic, even by tila standards.

Anonymous said...

I actually HAVE seen houses with kitchens on the second floor. It's fairly common in some areas of the US, and definitely in Europe. All of them, however, are open-spaced and large. NONE of them look like Tila's. She obviously lives in an apartment. The kitchen is a dead giveaway. And her furniture/"artwork" is cheap. I can buy classier decor at Target.

Anonymous said...

The kitchen is far too narrow and small to be in a home over 1200 sq. ft. It's obvious she is living in an apartment.

It's sad that she feels compelled to put up false information to make her wealth and power claims look legitimate...when they are lies.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that she said Obama called her? It was on her twitter yesterday or the day before yesterday. LMFAO!!

Anonymous said...

This is the thing I do not get about her why say you live in a mansion if you live in an apartment. It is the worst lie ever!!

Anonymous said...

It is definetly the same apartment she posted, which I think she had said was a mansion in Texas!

Anonymous said...

In british columbia alot of large houses have kitchens on the second floor. And alot of them are very small.