Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is just too damn funny

UPDATE: Tila has deleted this post.

If that wasn't the most LULZY worthy exclusive post Tila has written - I don't know what is.
Now, Tila isn't talking about Hayden Christensen - although she has HIS picture at the top of her stupid post. She's talking about some guy who happens to be named Anakin. Funny thing is Tila, Anakin IS Darth Vader - he wasn't Darth Vader's son. His son is Luke Skywalker, you idiot.
Tila can't be talking about Hayden Christensen at all because, he's engaged (not married) to Rachel Blison. What's funny is they did recently just split. Seems to me like Tila's trying to find ways to trick people in to reading her blog.
Of course when you first read that post you are thinking she's talking about Hayden right? The picture is very deceiving. Not to mention him and Rachel recently breaking up makes it seem like it is about him.
What's REALLY truly pathetic about this post of hers though? It's the fact that she posted some couple's divorce papers and is making fun of what they own. Why does she even post these people's information? Last time I checked her blog was about CELEBRITY gossip, not some couple getting a divorce. Has Tila really stooped this low? Making fun of some couple who hasn't bothered you in the least and have nothing to do with you? Sad. At least they can afford a car. I doubt Tila could. I hope you can sleep at night knowing you bashed some random couple to make YOURSELF feel better.
This is truly a sign of how pathetic Tila is, and why no one should take this woman seriously.
Oh and thanks @notsoannoyed for helping me understand this god awful post.


Miguelita said...

It's not ok to make fun of Tila and the ordeals she's gone through. It's disrespectful and heartless.

Making fun of divorce though is ok. Divorce is SO damn funny. Hispanic surnames are even more so.

That is, as long as it's Tila who's talking about it.

Oh wait... nope, not even in that case.

Tila dear: get a grip.

Spiked Tequila said...

oh my gosh Miguelita! I thought you were being serious at first..LOL when you said its not okay to make fun of tila. haha

Miguelita said...


Eduardo Retardo said...

I love how she slapped her logo on that SURELY COPYRIGHTED picture from Star Wars. I'm sure George Lucas would just LOVE that shit. He's kind of a Nazi about that sort of stuff.

Seagal said...

That biatch ,Tila, is really the scum of the earth. I find making fun of a couple who are divorcing so despicable. She obviously has no clue how painful a divorce can be, especially when kids are involved. Most likely she doesn't give a shit how hurtful she is.
She pisses me off more and more everytime she opens her mouth or blogs.. She really is completely classless.

Ben said...

Saying Tila is classless is like saying the sun is hot.

She tells everyone about her pregnancy, names 6 different fathers including calling one guy out for being a deadbeat dad and then when she quits talking about it she then says "it's none of our businesses"

I love how her other new post said "I could move to Texas but in the end I'm still Tila Tequila". Really? I thought she was Miss Tila now? Once a trainwreck, always a trainwreck.

BKiddo said...

It strikes me funny that tila said "See what kind of crazies are down at the courthouse." Since when is it crazy to get a divorce?
With any luck, tila will be down at the courthouse again for doing her crazy shit.
Now tila is making fun of divorce. Atleast they were married and had a family, bitch.
Then for her to go on mock their properties. Once again, tila, alteast they have it. You don't even have ONE fucking car! Hell tila, you don't even have a tree to jump around on and make an ass out of yourself anymore.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me why I don't go to her mess of a site. It is so hard to follow the shit she writes (or her staff writes, which we ALL KNOW is Tila, no matter what she trys to make people believe).

Thank you Spiked for bringing these lulz to us. I have NO PROBLEM giving your blog hits. Her mess of a site, no thanks!

I am posting this comment as anoy. because I am having problems with a trojan (a really lame one) but I am still nervous about typing my password at sites.

<3 tizerri

Anonymous said...

She's making fun of someone's assets when they own more than she's ever owned in her entire life. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Tila deleted that post. It no longer exist? I think alot of people made her feel like shit. Making fun of a couple with kids getting a divorce. Truth hurts I guess. Tila is a major failure, she does not know a thing about blogging, all she does is bash on innocent people. No wonder noting goes right for her.