Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tila's BIG drama over the weekend

Two days ago Tila had posted a blog saying her "other personality" Jane had tried to kill her. According to Tila, she passed out and when she woke up she was in a lot of pain, blood was all over, and her house was trashed. According to the time in between her tweets, Jane was doing her "dirty work" for about an hour.

Tila posted TWO blogs with photos of a bloody arm (many think this was really Nyquil) and a video. This caused a lot of uproar. Being that the majority of Tila's fans, who follow her on twitter are underage. Her fans were tweeting like crazy very worried about whether or not Tila was okay. She went on to tell her fans that she was fine and she was just going to sleep it off. Taking a closer look at Tila's pictures Rotspot found that the picture she posted on her blog was from three days before she posted the blog. Of course this meant that "Jane's attack" did not really happen like she said it did.

@Notsoannoyed being a RN decided to call the LAPD Dispatcher regarding Tila's situation.
"I was contacted by someone via Twitter Saturday morning around 11:00 a.m. regarding Tila posting a video and photos which she claimed we're wounds inflicted by her other personality "Jane" so I called the LAPD dispatcher and this started about six hours of looking for Tila and resolved with Tila being found and evaluated,"

While on the phone with @Notsoannoyed dispatch was sent to four different locations -given to her by various twitter sources, none of which were correct - one including an acquaintance of Tila's. After searching for Tila for approximately six hours, they were given another address. LAPD and Fire Rescue called Notsoannoyed when they reached the apartment complex trying to determine what Tila's apartment number was. Turns out, this was the RIGHT address, and they received the apartment number.

"The officer whom I was speaking with throughout the day did call me while at Tila's apartment to let me know they had found her and that she appeared to be okay but they we're going to speak with her and fire rescue was also going to assess her. I won't go into every detail regarding what the officer told me about what he saw etc. out of respect for them and Tila. All I will say is that he called me from her apt and Fire Rescue was assessing her and I asked if she was injured but he said "She appears to be unharmed and she looks okay" I did ask if she was alone, and then said she was still Tweeting right before you arrived and asked about her video showing bloody scratches on her arm and her house being torn up. He said "We need to assess her and speak with her but I can assure you that you don't have to worry about her getting back online!"

At that point we all saw Tila blow up on her twitter account after @Notsoannoyed told us the police were at the apartment complex.

Of course everyone knew why she was acting this way. It was because the police found her. The police officer told @Notsoannoyed and another person who spoke to them that Tila was unharmed. That doesn't mean that Tila never did cut herself, she may have on the day the picture was uploaded to her blog, but on Saturday she was not injured in any way.

Tila tweeted once more after her rant and then fell into a silence for approximately 22 hours. Everyone was thinking Tila probably was told to stay off the Internet or the police sent her somewhere. When she did return, she posted a blog telling all us haters off and calling out a specific hater from Iowa. (No one knows who this Iowan is so I assume she was just making things up again.)

Lastly, @notsoannoyed had this to say about her experience with LAPD.

"I have already tweeted details and what was happening as it occurred so I won't
rehash that. I also won't speculate about what I know or was told about Tila's
whereabouts and how her welfare check ended. But it was obvious by one
Blackberry tweet and the time that it was at least 24 hours before the HATE blog
went up on her site and it was clearly not from Tila!

Thanks everyone
who helped me throughout the day and kept me motivated when I wanted to give up.
You know who you are.

Lastly. I was approached and told that Radar
Online wanted to speak with me. I NEVER contacted Radar myself before I was made
aware of it and I won't mention who spoke with Radar. But I politely declined
speaking with Radar and that person respected my reason for doing so. . .

Would I call the police again if need be?, Yes! Would I post everything
all over Twitter? NO! It isn't worth the harassment and criticism since then."
After listening to the voicemails @notsoannoyed received from the officer (on a conference call)and fire rescue, I noticed the officer played a big part in why Tila was sent to the hospital. He told her that he was from the Mental Health Division and was the shift supervisor that day. His main focus was finding Tila for a welfare check.

Since then, Radar posted their story about the incident with their information from Fatty over at Rotspot (who was also on the phone with LAPD that day.) Soon after their story was posted, they posted a new Exclusive story saying, they had sources confirm Tila was rushed to the hospital

No one is quite sure why Tila was sent to the hospital or what they found in her apartment - the police never did give exact details about that (which is understandable.) I for one am glad that the "hater's" actions DID get Tila some help for whatever she had going on, and that she is okay. I am thankful to everyone who put there hate for Tila aside, and helped to get LAPD to Tila. It really was for a good cause, even if Tila ends up never learning from it.


Anonymous said...

have u noticed the bruises near her inner elbow? she's been shooting up,its clear as day.


Michelle said...

I thought they looked like saftey pin scratches too. I'm not, nor was I ever, a cutter, but one time in a fit I did take a saftey pin to my arm and that's exactly what it looked like.


Joann said...

To make a long story short, the police were alerted, they found her address, went to her apartment and found her ok with NO INJURIES anywhere.

The police talked to her, searched her place to make sure she was ok and stated she was no longer online.

ladyarcana55 said...

No longer online? What does that mean exactly? Has she had her laptop confiscated or something? That sounds awful vague

Anonymous said...

To be clear when I spoke with the LT who went out to Tilas apartment and he confirmed that she was okay without apparent injuries I said "Well she was tweeting craziness right before you arrived! He said she is not online now and wasn't when we got her" I said "Can you tell her to STOP posting crazy videos etc regarding suicide" The officer then said that they would talk to her about it" I don't know what happened after we hung up from one another. Hopefully that clears things up. I didn't get into every detail of my phone conversations with the LAPD today because there we're several and by the time they called me back from her house I was over it! Thanks Spikey, I love you. @NotSoAnnoyed

Mark said...

The absolute best thing about this particular fake incident is that this time around neither TMZ or Perez even bothered to comment on it!!!!

I think the legit gossip sites have finally said "enough is enough" and just washed their hands with this pole smoker's idiotic attention seeking behavior.

That tweet "I am TILA FUCKING TEQUILA!" might just end up being the epitaph of her whole fake career.

There's a small part of me that really does hope that she gets some help with this forthcoming rehab stint.

Honestly, I don't think even if I was on Death Row I would consider trading places with her right now. However, I don't feel sorry for her. Not at all. After all's said-and-done the way things turned out is no ones fault but Tila's...

IF YOU'RE READING THIS: It's finally time to get yourself some serious help bitch; your childish shit has gone so far off the rails that even you must be ready to admit that things need to change.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone noticed, but in the blog about Jane attacking her, she wrote something like nobody should see her (arm) like that, so she CAN'T GO TO THE MTV event (I don't know what event, but ANYWAY!) - I'm not saying this whole disgusting action was JUST TO find an excuse for not going there (though I believe she wasn't invited and she needed to find an explanation - like, why such a MOGUL with a SMASHING single "I f* the DJ" and an AMAZING new EP with 3 songs 2 of which are covers, why that mogul wasn't going to MTV event?)
Sorry for my English...
Why someone who was attacked supposedly, would be worried of not going to some fuckin event? Why didn't she call any of her "suite"??
Anyway - I also noticed, in the video, when she shows the broken lamp, I think we can see her reflection in it.. Not sure, but I believe there she is in a pink clothes? She wrote or said (i don't remember) that her whole body is cut - but there is nothing like that on the reflection. BAD BAD BAD faking


Anonymous said...

it was obvious it was all fake just from the pictures lol, and the broken lamp she said she supposedly used to cut herself with didn't have any blood on it. Anyone remember the fake looking bruises on her arms after the Shawn Merriman incident? I LOVE the fact you called the police on her LMAO bet that gave her a shock.. she can't get away with her irresponsible, childish attention seeking anymore. The sadest thing was her 'fans' spurring her on and saying how much they love Jane... who are the real people concerned about her? Her supposed 'haters'... says alot really.

love.troll said...

I love how Tila says she can not go to the MTV event because "no one should see her arm like that". Then goes on and makes a blog with pics and a video of her DAMN ARM. Um hello you are putting it out there for everyone to see. Her latest act is going to cost her even more fans. You never fake something like that.

scorpian_muse said...

Cherry Nyquil + Arm ='s Blood

No, she can't go to MTV looking like that, but she can go out and roll around on the ground and flash her wonky nipples and show off her see-you-next-tuesday.

She needs to go away. One way or another

Gregor said...

I think I know what those medications are.THEY SHOULD NOT BE IN BAGGIES and if I am right they are schedule 3 and 4 and THIEN better have the proper prescription with the proper ICD-9 codes or she could be in some trouble.Does anybody have another photo or the video?

peace out

Sandy said...

Gregor, the video is here:

Gregor said...

Thanks Sandy,

We are still looking for better photos of the MEDICATIONS IN THE BAGGIES.

Also I know many strong independant women and none of them act like Tila.I think talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. Tila is always saying how strong she is but her actions say otherwise.

Peace Out

ladyarcana55 said...

Greg, that may be what the PhotoShopping was for, to obscure the contents of those bags. It doesn't look like any filters were applied to make the image more readable, so that is my guess. The fact that there is someone on her team who knows how to use PhotoShop makes me wonder if you'll be able to find anything usable. I hope I'm wrong. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Who cares??? If you hate this girl so much, ignore her!! You people need to get a life, You're just giving her the attention she so badly wants. Grow up and, stop bashing someone who seriously needs help. I can't believe, that people are so immature that they feel the need to constantly belittle her everyday. We all know she's crazy and makes stuff up. But by going out of your way to have blogs and twitter accounts about her is insane, and giving into the attention she craves so badly. All you people here, honestly need to find something better to do this is as crazy as tila herself. If you hate her, ignore her lying ass!

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous 4:08, what does it make you when you come to this blog? A dumbass hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I just find the people and the comments here, so degrading and acting as if you are in highschool. Having a whole site dedicated to hating someone? Very childish, I'm sure they're many other things you could do with your time than this...why would anyone find satisfaction in bashing someone who seriously needs help?? This is just crazy, you should take a look at yourself before you judge anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Tila is trash and will always be. I can't wait till she loses her shit on camera for the fact that she isn't famous. Her desire for fame is completely transparent and hopefully Drew will tear her a new asshole and the moronic army will see what a fucken joke she is

Spiked Tequila said...

To the people who have a problem on my blog.

I'm sorry you don't like my blog, but the good thing is you don't have to read it.

So get on your merry way :)