Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tila's always one step behind

Thanks to @notsoannoyed for finding information about this

Tila really needs to learn what the word Exclusive means. Yes, I know she didn't necessarily say this story was an "EXCLUSIVE!!" but she says that she hopes Drake doesn't get sued for her posting this. She pretty much acts like she found this all on her own.

Funny, what a little research can show though - isn't it?

On June 23rd MTV interviewed Drake about his song "Over" (the one Tila is saying he used a stolen line from) on the interview (below) Drake talks about him using Dead Prez's line. He admits it flat out, and even talks about how Dead Prez wanted to freestyle on the song. So before Tila even posted this blog, which by the way was on the 28th, he already had that song cleared up and an interview about it.

Click HERE to go this this blog

By the way Tila people were talking about Drake using a Dead Prez line from as early as March! Click HERE to see this post about it.

See Tila, SOME artists actually get PERMISSION to do a song, even though in this case it wasn't a whole track like TWO of your songs from your EP. Maybe "Pop Rox" will ring a bell? I seem to remember you not having permission to sample Joan Jett's "I love rock and roll" yet you did. Why are you trying to expose someone for copyright infringement when you are the QUEEN of it. What about when you said you WROTE "Blue Dress?" Sorry, Tila fans but that's Depeche Mode's song.

And if you really want to get technical would "One good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain" actually be Dead Prez stealing from Bob Marley in his song "Trenchtown Rock"? Yes I know there's an extra word in that. That's the kind of thing Tila would point out though.

Tila you are such a fail. You write about something that was already known since the song came out, and already written about.


NotSoAnnoyed said...

Great post as usual! : )

Tila is the last person who should be speaking about music, borrowing a verse, song or doing homage to another artist. I would suggest she sticks to what she does best but I have yet to figure out what that is.
And regarding this post, since Tila is "IN" with all of the industry peeps you would think she would call someone up and fact check a few things before blogging nonsense. But whatever gets her blog hits I guess.
I don't know what her sites hits are these days compared to the better known sites but I'm curious about her hits now versus when she started the blog.
Oh well, as long as its still sputtering along this site and others can still provide the lulz.

deluwiel said...

Tila just really has no clue. None. In a way I kinda wish her blog did have more exposure so maybe someone who actually IS famous and influential would notice her bullshit and take her down.

Nikky Raney said...

t http://bit.ly/aQaYbL : linked to you & you can use the e-mail she wrote me