Friday, June 25, 2010

Tila's on something good tonight

Well I just got home from going with Rotty and Tila to the dealer. Rotty and I always have to help our BFF Tila out.

So I went and looked at my homegirl Tila's tweets when I got home. Wow she on something good tonight.

Tila is all about the POSITIVE ENERGY tonight. She claims this is the real her, and she's finally letting everyone see. That's funny - does that mean Tila's been FAKE this whole time. I know I've seen her talking about other celebrities saying how fake they are, and how real she is. Well if she's really this big positive person why all the Celebrity Hating on her blogs? Especially towards Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, The Kardashian sisters, and Rihanna. I didn't realize all her phony blogs about Lady Gaga worshiping satan and things like that was positive. I must have a warped sense of positivity.

I also see that because @alinakring has realized how phony Tila is, and has decided she no longer agrees with Tila - that she is now being called a "spy". Whenever Tila gets an email/tweet/comment or whatever about a hater becoming a fan - she jumps on that shit like it's Christmas. "SEE THE HATERS ARE FINALLY SEEING THE LIGHT" blah blah blah. Sadly, when a fan becomes a "hater" they were just a spy the whole time. In Tila's eyes no fans can become haters. In her eyes all fans turned haters were just spies the only time. Tila, this isn't a real army. There's no one spying on you or the "army" trying to get information. NO ONE CARES. No one takes this whole war seriously. Well, I know you and some of your mindless fans do, but the rest of us don't. This isn't kindergarten anymore. I for one am glad to have Alina on our side, and everyone should give her a big warm welcome!

Don't worry that positivity bologna Tila has going on won't last long. The drugs will wear off soon, and we will all see her negative bullcrap again.

I have to go. Tila wants me to come over and have movie night with her, and help her pick up Onyx's poop. OH! and she has to pay me for writing this blog for her. Bye!


Rotty (TRS) said...

Guuuurl Tila and I are waitin' on yo stank ass to get here w/the crack. Hurry tha fuck up!


Nikky Raney said...

I want whatever she's on. Honestly.
If she can get away with acting that way online/in public and be happy with herself. I want to try whatever she is on.

Nikky Raney said...

I can never just leave one comment.
If it wasn't for blogs like yours, rotspot, tilatruth then I wouldn't be blessed with these screenshots of her stuff. I heard from the rot spot that you all don't even go to her website to obtain these screenshots. I wish I had spies (like alinakring). I really (because I am truly an attention whore) want to read the comments made about me in the blog post that Tila wrote that included me. Only because I used to ALWAYS read the comments & vote - but now I don't even want to grace her site with my presence.

Anonymous said...

Again, I wish that Nikki would stop lying about her weight. So many people have already called her out on it. It's time to come clean, Nikki.

jules said...

Listen Anonymous @ 5:37. Nikki is not fat. So shut the fuck up and go back to snorting your ambien!

Anonymous said...

"jules," Nikki is very fat.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @5:37/3:50

eff off; get your facts straight.

truth? in fact Nikky is so massively, massively huge her avatar originally ate the entire comments section on this blog. she's such a lard-o she sporadically blocks the sun. she's been responsible for internet outages in her area due to her insane girth crushing through the underground cabling wherever she walks.

by the way, we've yet to see YOUR anonymous ass or gorgeous mug. (or mine) i have heard random reports of earthquakes and men turning to stone nowhere near Nikky, so, hmm.

Anonymous said...

LOL, are you 13, 1:29 AM? I've lost all faith in humanity if you're older than 13.

Anonymous said...

@6:50 AM: I'm flattered! Actually I'm 12 and 3/4 but I thought the use of hyperbole might make me look older.

I'm sorry my satirical comment toward the previous anon posters bashing Nikky's weight caused you to lose your faith in humanity. I had no idea personal mores were so easily destroyed.

I will take this lesson with me on my path toward adulthood. Until then, I am off to listen to the highly inspirational lyrics of Miley Cyrus.

Anonymous said...

(same Anon as @9:51 PM)
And if I must, must SPELL IT OUT--I think Nikky is far from fat.

I felt it a bit ridiculous that was being suggested so replied in my very own 12 and 3/4 way to the anon haterz.

Maybe my sense of humor isn't for everyone. Peace.

Amber R. said...

Dude... Nikki is so fucking fat. Holy shit.

Love your blog, Spiked.

siideways said...

Lol, i'm guessing most of the anon comments are from @marginalme, the fucking delusional weirdo that obviously has no life.