Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tila is in the Illuminati (I've decided)

Our girl Tila, all-knowing about the Illuminati, has posted Chapter 3 of her epic stories about The "others" and Satan. This time she goes on to post pictures of many celebrities throwing up the Illuminati gang signs. Apparently if you do any of symbols(below in the screencaps) you are apart of the Illuminati. That's all the proof Tila needs. I find that very interesting, because Tila's (above) picture seems to be a sign for the "All seeing eye" just like the people she claims are being brainwashed by the Illuminati.

@Bentrb4 noticed this and decided to call Tila out on it. Of course, Tila's excuse was that she is mocking all of them, and it's just a little joke. So Tila, tell us this. If you are able to just mock these "OTHERS" you continue to talk about, who says these people aren't just mocking them. Who says these people aren't just throwing up signs that really have no meaning? I mean come on, your only proof is these pictures. Yours looks exactly like theirs. So I have now decided that YOU are in the Illuminati Tila. As Ben said "that's like mocking Al Qaeda by shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR" everytime you're on a plane."

Tila keeps claiming that she's an angel sent from God. I'd say if there was an Illuminati or even Satan she'd be apart of that more than God. Satan is supposed to be about pedophilia, faking suicides, doing drugs, having disgusting sex, cussing, doing porn, stripping for minors, insulting others based on their appearance, and pretty much everything Tila stands for. One of God's Angels would NOT be doing any of that stuff. So Tila, you can just quit the "angel" B.S. I don't think God wants you "mocking" the Illuminati either acting like you are apart of the club.

She also states that The Illuminati are after her now. She's been noticing "strange" things happening lately, since she posted these blogs about them. Tila, no one wants you. Especially the illuminati. I'm pretty sure if they do exist they'd want INFLUENTIAL people. You are just not influential in the least. They want POPULAR, WELL-KNOWN, INFLUENTIAL people. You're just an annoying mosquitoe in everybody's ear. No one wants you. The Illuminati, Satan, Perez Hilton, and I'm sure God doesn't either.

Get over the Gaga obsession as well. I'm sorry Perez Hilton doesn't pay you an ounce of attention. Get over it, and get use to it. You just make yourself look more stupid everyday.


Ben said...

Yay, I'm inspirational.

I'm sure she's claiming that her facebook being shut down because of the illuminati. I have a friend who is a pornstar (legit one, not just one who strips on ustream) and her facebook is always being deleted for "indecency" despite the fact that she has never posted a nude picture on her site. So I'm pretty sure ole wonky got her site deleted from her lingerie picture and not a group of higher powers.

The funniest thing about her whole "others" post was that she clearly comes off as anti-Gaga and Illuminati yet when her fans confront her about her relationship with Drake she says:

# People can do whatever they wanna do, make choices they want to make. I'm just the messenger..........

#If you took time 2 actually READ IT, u can clearly see that Im stating facts and not just calling ppl names. I know Drake, dont mean I judge

#Have you guys heard the saying "DON'T KILL THE MESSENGER?" Well I don't judge people. A lot of ppl I know R on that list, but I dont judge

I'm sorry, but this "I’m here to talk more about Lady Gaga,and all the other artists who are also worshipping Satan and “SOLD THIER SOULD TO THE DEVIL”" sounds like judging to me.

I really do wish Tupac was still alive though, odds are he'd smack his name out of her mouth.

<3 as always Spiked, btw, why doesn't it take you 3 hours of writing and 1 hour of hyping to post something? Don't you know how to be a legit blogger? lol

Miguelita said...

Oh dear, I GET IT! It's all "the others" fault if she is unreliable, discredited, and infamous... it's all their nasty work, they're getting back at her for speaking out!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, it all makes sense now!

Spikey, you and the rotten girls work for them illuminati? Cause you're doing a good job at discrediting Tila. Just sayin'...

BigPoppaPhat said...

I wonder how many people actually read Tilas wall of ramblings like this. Im not gonna even bother to check her site to look, but Im just curious who has the time and takes her seriously to read all that.

Miguelita said...

Last time I was there, she still had a lot of "oooh aaaah"s, but I have no clue how many of those were her own sockpuppets

Spiked Tequila said...

Yes me and Rotspot are in the Illuminati! We are trying to SHUT TILA UP ABOUT US. She's exposing us all.

Anonymous said...

I posted the link to her open letter in her blog and she deleted it, why this woman still has fans is beyond me.

Mark said...

Something tells me (based on Tila's consistent fame whoring behavior over the past few years) if was remotely possible for her to sell her soul for fame that she'd be at the head of the line wanting to sign up.

Either way Tila's so obsessed, she'd obviously trade places with Rianna or GaGa in a microsecond if she could.

Hey? Before she started on this bizarre tangent didn't Tila recently tweet GaGa wanting to do projects with her and stuff? ...Although if anyone asked Tila about it now she probably claim it was all just part of the 7 year undercover investigation that she's been conducting as God's angel for the betterment of humanity...

Yaaaaaaa... *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...


You've hit the pentagram shaped nail on the head.

I suppose she thinks if she pours enough water into the hooch people will still keep on drinking, even though this bottle's been dry for years now.

She just hasn't run out of things to say, she's run out of "herself." For such an unimaginative attention-seeker like Tila, once all the easy attention left, the personae of sex couldn't keep her going... so she sings, and she sucks. She pecks the keyboard like a headless chicken frantic for some more attention, and she is total failblog.

She's just an emotional succubus; fashioned in the like of all those before her... fakelivejournal deaths and my internet cancer; she's probably using, but she's not totally lost, even though her grip is slipping. I have not doubt she will be lost now or later, but right now, this is how she gains her affirmation, her amusement and pleasure.

She loves mirrors, oh the "glamroom," no bigger mirror than the net, and she just cannot turn away.

She's a pathetic waste and a con, and the lies will get bigger, because she's got to keep pulling the trigger to her biggest addiction, herself.

"You guys know u love me even if u hate me cuz I give u a source of ENTERTAINMENT on a SUNDAY! My Twitter is ur CHURCH! Ohh I have sinned! about 3 hours ago via web -- TILAOMG"

So fucking Nora Desmond without any of the class. Come on I need a slab of granite and a chisel, there's an epitaph up there.

Anonymous said...

Basically anyone who more successful, famous or even has more money than Tila is illuminati. A good damn part of the population must be illuminati for that matter then ;)

Anonymous said...

Trash Tequila can only wish that the Illuminati wants her! She keeps talking about them wishing "the others" will notice her. Somebody please feed her to the Illuminati's dogs mwahahaha.

Oh, thanks to this blog I don't need to give her site any hit.

Nikky Raney said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

I knew someone that had a nervous breakdown once. They also thought they where sent from god. I've since found out that its a pretty common thought if your having mental issues.

Ima said...


The Illuminati (From Wiki):

In modern times it is also used to refer to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy "power behind the throne", allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations.

The Illuminati are a recurring theme in popular culture. References to such an organization appear in many fictional works across many genres, appearing in print, in film, on television, in video games, in comic book series, as well as in both trading card and roleplaying games.


saramb25 said...

Tila and all her ramblings about the Illuminati make me freaking laugh! Does anyone believe a word that wacked out Tila says anymore?