Friday, June 25, 2010

Tila loves her haters..seriously.

Tila at some Red Carpet Event. Why must she always wear the ugliest thing in her closet? Or does Mr. Bradshaw seriously pick this stuff she puts on? That dress is hideous.

and then...

I just love including Tila's rants about her haters on my blog. She is always trying to convince everyone that she doesn't care about the haters. How many times does she have to say it. Maybe she's trying to convince herself. You just don't talk about people this much that you don't "care" about. If you wanna convince all of us haters that you don't care about us - you might want to stop talking about us. Especially, stop talking about us more than your own fans.

Tila also posted this yesterday - about Lady Gaga being suicidal. Tila also ADMITS to the whole "Jane tried to kill me" story being fake. She admits she uses fake blood, and acts like it wasn't a big deal. She also tries to say she took the blog down, because she didn't want to upset her fans. Even though, we know someone else made her take it down.

Tila, if you cared about what your fans saw in that story - why would you post it in the first place? Faking an attack by your FAKE alter-ego isn't funny in the least. It's especially not funny to joke around with KIDS. Which I'm sure more kids than adults read your personal blogs.

Lady Gaga isn't acting like she cut her arm and is bleeding. She's performing and doing what she considers to be artistic. I'm not saying I agree with all that she does. BUT what you did with this little "JOKE" is 10 times worst.

I guess Tila is going on tour in the UK this summer as well. I thought Tila was suppose to be filming Celebrity Rehab at this time? I haven't really been paying that much attention to Tila lately so maybe I missed it? Is she not on the show anymore?


Nikky Raney said...

I haven't visited her twitter or celebrity blog in over a week and I'm still getting tweeted about by her army. Tila Army = Hater Army.

Ben said...

While I know you don't go to her blog, in the comments section she said:

"you people who dont know me in real life and never even met me make all these crazy assumptions in your little head. There is something called CONFIDENTIALITY between doctor and patient and of course, why the hell would I want to post my doctor's info? The point is I got help a months ago waaaay before CR4 invited me to do the show. I'm not longer addicted to drugs or any pills. I cannot sleep because I GOT OFF PILLS! Hello? I used to be addicted to AMBIEN! But I dont take anymore pills except vitamin pills so that's why I can't sleep. But I have been nocturnal my entire life. What does staying up for 2 days have to do with "Getting help?" Stop acting like you know me when you don't. I care and love myself and want to get healthy so I can continue doing big things. So I got off the pills a long time ago. Right now I have been sober a few weeks. Sometimes I relapse but that's why I have a private doctor during those times but as of right now. I AM SOBER."

Funny thing is now she's claiming her drug of choice was Ambien after admitting it was pain killers and that would make that post about going through withdrawals bullshit as well. She doesn't seem to realize that every time she opens her mouth she contradicts herself. And there's no way she's sober now, she had a bag full of Norcos at Fun w/ Jane time.

Her actions are starting to take their toll on her fans, some were tweeting that they were upset but still loved her, others are just sick of it, I saw a couple renounce their army status today (yes, slow day at work)

This bitch just needs to go away.

Spiked Tequila said...

Wow Ben where did she say that?

i_am_that_girl said...

Ben, wtf? She needs to stop contridicting herself. Before she got 5150'd, she said something along the lines of "Wah wah, I can't go to CR4 til July! I will still be taking my meds til then. Private rehab costs $30,000." Now she's saying she already got help before she signed on to CR4? *shakes head*

Ben said...

I took a screen shot, it was in the comments of her invades the UK post, she's also posted a picture of herself at the maxim party doing the "all seeing eye" that she claims is a sign of devil worship.

If you need it, lmk, I think it's still up though, she's not even deleting her contradictions anymore.