Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tila's obsession with Satan

I know I haven't been blogging as much as I use too. The truth is that I am honestly not keeping up with Tila as much as I use to. I pretty much keep up with her now from reading Rotspot - or if I'm really bored I do go check out her site/twitter page.

Anyways, I found these tweets from Tila pretty funny. "*Evil laughs*"? Tila you spend all this time talking about how everyone ELSE is evil and you are sent from God - why are you laughing in an evil way? Just wonderin...Also I seem to remember your blog having FALSE information on it not "real news" isn't that why the Khloe story got taken off? It's not hard to post "REAL NEWS" when you are copy and pasting stories from other news sources as well.

Basically this is how Tila shows who is following Satan and the Illuminati.

With all of Tila's talk about these big celebrities being followers of Satan I find it hypocritical that she is calling Beyonce her "boo." Also, we all know Sasha Fierce, Beyonce's "alter ego," is said to be part of the Illuminati. So why is Tila calling her that and sticking up for her? I didn't realize God's Angels and the Devil's followers supported eachother.

Anyways, Tila found another oppurtunity to show off to her teenage fans. YES, Tila does have fans that are over the age of 18 - but most of her fans that "obsessively" follow her twitter page and her gossip blog are underage. So why is Tila showing a pic of her in her lingerie showing her nipples to the world? Yeah, I blacked 'em out 'cause NO ONE wants to see that. You can also see Tila's scars on her arm from her recent attack by Jane. Which she now states was done by a demon. Which is it?

What's with the bruises Tila always has on her legs?

I'm sure all the horny underage kids love this stuff - but seriously you can't be trying to give advice to these kids and act like a role-model then post these pictures/youtube videos.
Tila you are one disgusting pedophile.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Is that a bed sheet shes using as a curtain? I also noticed stains on her carpet...the one on the floor, her house has ghetto trash written all over it.

BKiddo said...

I laugh soo hard whenever she tweets that all the haters flood her flog and want to be in her army (wannabe cult).
Keep telling yourself that tila.

Nice post Spiked

Anonymous said...

I took you seriously up until you brought up the "Illuminati". You're just as big of a naive idiot than Tila. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Track marks galore. She probably is shooting up ambien, heroin and only God knows what else.... I love how she claimed Michael Jackson was illuminati and his passing was a punishment from God but then she goes off on perez hilton for mocking his death.. Shes wack.