Monday, June 21, 2010

Tila shows her immature side

For a woman that is 28 years old - Tila sure does not act her age. If I was Tila, I would be incredibly embarrassed by my behavior by that age. When you're younger, you can play the immature card and maybe get a way with it being "cute" - when you're Tila's age you just look pathetic.

1. Tila's "friends" (TilaArmy) on the internet are all under 18 (for the most part).
2. Tila tells her "army" to attack people that are insulting her.
3. Tila acts like "haters" don't bother her - yet she attacks them in a very immature way.
4. Tila's idea of an insult: fat, jealous, ugly, no life, haters. ex. "oh stop being so OBSESSED with me you fat cow!"
5. Tila talks like a little kid. ex. "weewee"
6. Tila TYPES like an idiot. I'm not saying I'm the best speller and I have the best grammar, but if I type like that when I'm 28 there definitely is a problem.

Okay, I could go on and on and on - basically. Tila is way too immature to be taken seriously.
Last night Tila went "innnnn" on nikkyraney (click HERE to go to her blog), because of her "jellis hater" post about Tila. Of course, she wasn't offended by the blog at all, and it definitely didn't bother her. That's why she decided to tweet Nikky, and insult this girls weight, and her "army" went to her defense. I've said this a billion times, and I'll say it again. When something doesn't bother you, you ignore it. You don't attack that person and send your little minions on them. Every celebrity has haters. EVERY SINGLE ONE. It doesn't matter if you are a good person or not. There's just always going to be someone who doesn't like you. Even if you aren't a celebrity that's just the way it is.

Anyway, I don't see all the other celebrities out there attacking all the people who have hater blogs, or send insulting tweets. That's because it really doesn't bother them. Tila you're too easy to read. You can't act like none of us bother you, but then attack us and constantly mention us - sometimes more than you mention your own fans. By the way, go get your wonky nipples fixed. Go wash your greasy looking' hair. Get off the drugs, and cover yourself up. Maybe then you would look a little more presentable yourself.

It's seriously pathetic for a 28-year-old woman is insulting someone's weight like she's in high school again - it's not cute at all. Grow the fuck up, Tila! Find some friends your own age, get off the drugs, and move on with your life. No ONE is ever going to take you seriously if you continue this childlike behavior. No one DOES take you seriously. You're like an annoying attention craving 15 year old. Grow up.

By the way, I didn't realize TilaArmy was about treating people the way they they want to be treated. I didn't realize you respected people until they disrespect you. I find that funny considering Tila's blog has disrespected MANY people who don't even know who she is. Hypocritical much?


Nikky Raney said...

Hi, I'm Nikky Raney.
Let's be friends.
Thank you for making this post about me.
I truly appreciate it.
I posted what she did on &
Hope we keep in touch.
I am close with the Rot Spot also.
Sweet people actually.
Thanks so much for this post. Maybe you could link back to me somehow? xoxo

Spiked Tequila said...

Yeah girl no problem! I will link your name to your twitter page and add your blog as well :D

Nikky Raney said...

Yeah when I make a list of blogrolls you'll be there. Its difficult because my is all journalism &'s blog is where i do entertainment posts, but I'm not in charge of that blog so i don't control blogrolls, but if you link to people will see some of the tila posts, but not all lol. but it links to zennie. *hides* who is next on my list? maybe perez will make me famous. oOo or spencer pratt

Calvin said...

I have no idea what @TilaOMG is talking about... I check this site about once weekly, and went to nikki raney's site. My God, she is WAY, WAY, WAY hotter than Tila! That wasn't my original intention in going to the site, I just wanted to see what it was about and what Nikki writes about. Nikki's got nothing to worry about. The more sites out there against Tila (backed up with screenshots, facts, quotes, etc.) the BETTER. Nikki, I'm here to say, I think you're gorgeous. Keep up the great work.

Mark said...

I think that Nikky is really awesome, and it's cool that she didn't stoop to Tila's immature level. Nikky could have just as easily RE:ed saying "HA you are old and I'm young, you're the one who's really jellis" and said a bunch of hurtful stuff like that, but Nikky didn't do that. That's why she's so ruling!

In the way she comes across, Nikky Raney seems like she's footloose and fun; in comparison Tila seems like a wretched human being.

I think if Perez wants to worry about anyone actually dethrowning him he should worry about someone like Nikky! Despite her young age she's obviously already someone very special and talented; in years to come she might actually be epic!

Miguelita said...

Her immature SIDE? That pretty much implies she also has a MATURE one, which I very much doubt.

Anonymous said...

Tila really needs to grow up! She has some serious immature issues.

BKiddo said...

Tila's weak attempt to try to even bother Nikky, is laughable.
Nikky is young, ambitous, and has a very rich life ahead of her.
Tila on the other hand, not so much.

Amber said...

I wish that Nikki would stop lying about her weight. So many people have already called her out on it. It's time to come clean, Nikki.

Love your blog, Spiked <3

Isis said...

I got to motorboat Nikki once and it was heaven. I was nice and made sure to leave a fiver between em before I left.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself! Tila Tequila has some serious psychological issues and you have the audacity to make an entire blog on her?

Yes, she lies and slanders other people but really does it make you any better? I believe she is a really sick woman and it just makes you look like a terrible person imo. She probably has no real friends anymore and is alienated and alone and feels she needs the public's attention.

Unfortunately like many other past celebrities (pseudo?) I feel she is never going to get better.

BKiddo said...

@anon-1:15 am,
You said, "Yes she lies and slanders other people, blah blah blah".
However, she does way more than that. Her lies turn into toxic manipulation, that she's fully aware of. There's no lying or slandering here, so yes, it does make a whole lot of us better.
I think you're right when you say she has no friends, she's hurt and shoved away anyone who has tried to help her. I wouldn't stick around either.