Monday, April 12, 2010

Tila's Stylish Day with FOX

Nice belt you got there, Tila! Too bad our very
own @TilaTruth has the SAME ONE.
Apparently it's $8.50 from Charlotte Russe.
Not that that's a problem, but for a self proclaimed
rich mogul to be wearing, yeah it is.

Mr. Bradshaw is such a good stylist he can't
even get his boss the right fitting shoes.

What the hell happend to Mr. Bradshaw's

I find it insanely pathetic that FOX would want to help promote this woman's new song "I fucked the DJ." This is the only song I've heard of hers so far, that's new, that she hasn't stolen. Or so we think.....Seriously I'm disgusted with FOX, again.


Anonymous said...

lolz she only got those shoes cause they were so cheap :P fuck the size theyre almost free haha

jayden said...

Like I said over on the Rotspot, her PR firm clearly hasn't a clue. Booking someone like her on a mid-day Fox News show has about as much of a chance at reaching her target demographic as it would booking her on Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network Show.

saramb25 said...

She really is not attractive anymore. Her new haircut is not fitting for her bobble head..

Anonymous said...

One of the dudes on the panel, I think his name was Ryan, said he worked with Tila a long time ago, so maybe he was doing her a favor by getting her on the show. Other than that, I can't think of any other reason she would be on Fox News.

Tila was her usual lying self but I wouldn't expect anything different from her.

Helena said...

Mr Bradshaw's eyebrows?
Experimenting with Sharpie pens, I'd say.

Tilatakedown said...

seriously everytime she has shoes on there ALWAYS to big for her....broke ass mogul cant even afford shoes her size lol

Anonymous said...

How is anyone supposed to take the "resistance" seriously when all you do is talk shit about each other, and engage in childish twitter drama? The amount of backstabbing and shit talking that goes on is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:30 a.m.,
No one talks shit about each other or backstabs within the Resistance.

Good luck trying to stir the pot though.


Anonymous said...

No one huh? So the finger pointing and accusations about everyone from YAR, to Nino and all of her personalities, Bella, Seola, etc. The Angie nonsense pretty much proved that you guys are a disorganized hot mess.

Spiked Tequila said...

to anonymous talkin shit about the resistance.

what you fail to realize is most people who are tila haters, don't consider themselves within the "tila resistance" for example...Nino is not in the T.R. so putting her in this really doesn't prove anything.

If you think we can't be taken seriously then don't read our blogs.


Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog! Any chance you could remove the red box around Mr Bradshaws eyes, or link to the original pic? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

wtf at anon. im not apart of the resistance, but im very much against tila. i dont need to be part of a group to justify my feelings about a person