Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tila copies EVERYONE

Tila has copied prety much everyone now, but when I saw her copying me I knew there was something wrong. Who has Tila coppied you ask? Well Angelina Jolie, with the adoption stories, Depeche Mode and Joan Jett, with their songs, Beyonce, with the alter ego, Winona Ryder, with the shoplifting, and me, with the big glasses. Of course Tila's plans of copying other people have not worked in her favor. She has not adopted, she doesn't have the rights to be selling her songs that she stole, she doesn't really have an alter ego, she didn't really shoplift, and her face is so ugly she had to get half nude with her glasses to be considered at all attractive.

So obviously Tila wishes she was or did these things, but she hasn't. (Don't get all mad saying I'm egotistical because I'm saying Tila copied my glasses, I'm obviously just kidding.)

Tila is in SUCH need for attention that she had to fake a shoplifting story. She said she was apparently going to CVS to get food and decided she would steal it. What Tila doesn't know is that I had brought my Tila Voodoo doll to CVS and payed for her food so it looked like she really shoplifted, but really it was me and my voodoo doll. But of course Tila being the role model that she is, said it was only okay to shoplift when you have no money. Wow, I guess we will be having a lot of 15 year old shoplifters soon. If you are a parent of a kid who likes Tila and still think she is a good person there is SERIOUSLY something wrong with you.


Anonymous said...

Totally random, but you are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog.

As for TT...well, stupid is as stupid does.

--Lady R

A said...'re right she did copy you but the glasses is as far as it goes, you're pretty and she's not and I definitely don't think you're a slore.

saramb25 said...

LOL love your blogs I forgot Winona Ryder shoplifted. You are right on about Tila stealing everyone elses ideas..

Anonymous said...

I'll do a TT and say "you are hot"
Thanks for keeping me entertained

Eleanor/LNR said...

Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if Jane is copied off from someone else???

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, its good to see this lieing bitch get caught out in all her lieing. And i agree with the 1st post you are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the above posters.
You are pretty, classy, and have morals.
Keep on keepin' on!


WandaCal said...

I just noticed she's posing on her kitchen counter. Wow. That is one mogul-type, regal-looking luxury kitchen. What a delusional twat!
Oh. And I wanted to wave to BKiddo above. *waves*