Friday, April 9, 2010

Tila loses ANOTHER fan

SCREW SPIDERS!!! This is what I call scary!!

Tila has upset her fans, again. Tila promised all her fans last night that at midnight Paciific time she would tell everybody her new surprise. Come 3 am. she's still not online and her fans on facebook are going wild.

As 4 am approaches Tila tweets that she forgot the time, and is playing poker. She told everyone she would tell them later because she was winning a $10,000 pot. Most of her normal fans were really upset by this. Many of them being in high school or middle school, stayed up very late just to hear what her surprise was. YES, that was their choice NO Tila did not make them do it, but she once again manipulated her fans to stay up all night for no reason. There were fans trying to stick up for Tila and say how if people didn't want to stay up that late they shouldn't have. Well, these people like Tila so much they wanted to know what it is. Tila has NO respect whatsoever for her fans. Because of this, she has lost a fan on twitter by the name of @tilafanomg. TilaFan has been questioning Tila for awhile, I noticed because her and I had spoke a couple weeks ago. She said she always knew Tila was crazy, but the way she treats her fans is what upset her. I am so lucky I am not a fan of Tila's. The constant disappointment would get to me after awhile. I don't know why she still has people defending her.

After @TilafanOMG started questioning her, Tila snapped on her. This just goes to show that if you question anything Tila does, you are automatically not a fan. Only Tila's REAL fans would believe everything she does.

Keep it up Tila you are losing more fans as the days go by. Your little advice hotline won't keep them in the palms of your hands for very long.

Finally, Tila has posted her new surprise it is a crappy version of her song "I Fucked the DJ" the sound quality sucks.

Below is Tilafanomg talking to Tila

This is Tila below

and this is an upset fan on Facebook


Anonymous said...


RNB007 said...

Great post! I am so glad that the last few fans she has are seeing the REAL Tila! Plus it is awesome blogs like yours that show them the fraud that is Tila!
I still have yet to listen to her song, I will have to have a few drinks first haha!
RNB007 :)

Laust said...

For all I know Tila is going on a "tour" to NYC to perform in a damn dive bar to promote her one karaoke craptastic song.

saramb25 said...

Tila loses fans everyday it seems. I think her going to facebook was her biggest mistake. Tila seems to attack a lot. If you read this @TilafanOMG It is Tila's loss not yours. Im sorry for the way Tila treated you but do not take it personal I really think Tila is a bitch to everyone..

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm the only one who realized this, but (aka)tilafanomg made another account named fayfortila. She made fayfortila after changing her old fan name and accidentally posted the same tweet in her omg account. I don't know if it's just to see how tila treats her as a "new" fan or if she'd forgiven Tila even though she got blocked as an apology and jumped back into that big mess again. I hope she really did open her eyes though.. I don't know her but I'd hate to see her get her feelings hurt again.