Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's a wrap!! for NYC

Tila managed to ruin her reputation even more last week in New York. She was there to promote her single "I Fucked the DJ" and she didn't do all that well. She isn't even on the top 500 on Itunes. Guess your so called "publicity stunts" don't work in your favor do they?

Someone call the exorcist!

Someday hopefully Tila will get shoes that fit

Tila caught Casa by making that move in LA.
She figured she'd try again in NYC to see if
it would work again.

I dare someone to tell me she doesn't look like shes in her late 30's or early 40s in this picture.


saramb25 said...

The only thing she is good at is showing her ass. LMAO.. Her music sucks.. Her blog if it ever does happen will suck too..

theredjawa said...

That white hair makes her look older than she already did. She is not aging well.

Anna said...

WTF?? Really WFT??? lol