Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting to know a liar

Tila says she doesn't care what anyone says about her, and this guy eats it all up. Maybe he hasn't seen how much Tila addresses her haters, and really does seem to get upset about it. And apparently all us haters are just "internet thugs" well Tila, actually MOST of us aren't going to fly to L.A. to talk shit to you. Believe me, if I had a chance
to meet you I would say something to your face. I'm sure all of us would, BUT none of us have really gotten the chance. When someone doesn't care about something they don't constantly check up on it either. Tila we all know you read the hater blogs,so you obviously care about what's being said.

Aren't you an "internet thug" yourself? You couldn't call out the girl who insulted you on SayNow. You had to go on twitter and talk shit about it. You really aren't that tough Tila, sorry. I'm sure if Tila met the people she has talked shit about on the internet she wouldn't do anything either. Most of the people she has talked shit about would probably kick her ass too.

I really hate these ignorant"journalists" who don't understand why she has haters. He said it himself he never payed attention to her until he was asked to interview her.So that means you really don't know anything about her, other then what she has told you. Yet you are gonna say all the haters are pathetic. Educate yourself before you start saying how pathetic we are.

Tila's honesty is refreshing? He must not know many honest people.

EQ Interview With Tila Tequila Part 1byelectroqueer


Anonymous said...

Hello spike..The thing took the real strippers money :) lol i think you said she would as a joke before she did it ? i cant find it atm .. but she did i read in a few different places.... I would be PISSED if i was a stripper with her butt in my face and i got nothing lol...

Lady R said...

I didn't read the whole thing, but damn...if you are going to interview someone, at least do your homework on them. Any search on the internet is going to reveal sites like this where the "refreshing" Tila is going to be exposed for the liar that she is by her own hand.

Makes me wanna slap the interviewer. :D

deluwiel said...

According to Tila on Facebook, this interview was with a "prestigious London journalist".

Uh, okay.

No matter how stupid it is, no matter how easy it is to prove wrong I think she actually believes that if it comes out of her mouth, it must be true. She's just so weird. Scary weird.