Friday, April 2, 2010

A very shocking week

This week shouldn't have been all about Tila, but sadly she knows just how to make it about her.

To start out with apparently Tila will be hosting WWE RAW in May, according to a radio interview Tila did. Oh well, I guess they like chicks who are all drugged up and looking a hot mess.

Earlier this week Tila announced she has a new fiance/babbydaddy that she met only a few days before, of course that shouldn't shock most people Casey was her fiance very early as well. It's funny to me that Tila announced herself as being a lesbian, but she obviously isn't. I find it disgusting to lie about your sexuality. Don't pretend to be something and act like you've gotten all this shit for being that way, when really it's just an attention thing.

Tila went on to talking about raping her boo while eating pizza. How classy is that? Especially for her little fans to be reading. She made rape seem like it wasn't a PROBLEM which it really is. Talking about it the way she did is making her little fans think oh rape isn't a big deal Tila does it all the time.

Of course Tila's celebrity gossip blog did not launch on the 1st as planned. Tila said they needed to get bigger servers because of how many hits they are getting on the coming soon page. Right Tila, I'm sure that's the problem.She said on her SAYNOW that it would be only two days, which means tomorrow it should launch.I have a feeling it won't though.

And then there's the story of Angie, a 15 year old pregnant girl who Tila wanted to adopt from. They had a phone/email communication that got leaked a couple days ago. Basically, Tila tried to manipulate a little girl just for this girl's baby. Of course that's not anything we wouldn't expect.

Needless to say a whole lot of crazy happened this week.


saramb25 said...

This week has been one crazy one for Miss Tila.. Tila will lie and do what ever just for attention, that to me is very sick!

Anonymous said...

The rape thing was really annoying. She kept using the word to be edgy & cool. FAIL. I think this Casa dude is an idiot. Another attention whore.

Wilson Disciples said...

When you’re feeling da Mama T love and bangin’ her cuzey -
Slap a fresh clip in your 9mm Uzi -
Flex ur rock hard pecs and assume the proper firing stance -
And make those no life haterz jump and dance.

Anonymous said...

No bueno@ Mr. Wilson.