Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tila the pussycat

Tila, Tila, Tila, you're not so tough are you??

Last night Tila decided to give her "advices" to her fans on SayNow again. Of course us haters called in as well. Her advice was pretty mediocre and I'm surprised most of the se people didn't already know what she was saying. I mean, if she helped you in any way I guess I'm glad for you.
A couple haters got to talk to her on the phone, with everybody listening, as well. @Nacholulu got through to Tila and asked her about Onyx. Tila said Onyx was fine and she would take pics of her and a video so everyone would know she was okay. I will be patiently waiting for this video. Now if you guys remember Tila is supposed to be going to Oakland to talk about her new adoption. So of course @Nacholulu asked her if today was an important day. Tila must have forgot or something cause she replied with a short silence then....yeaaah. And then quickly rushed her off the phone.

Later on, the most funny question got asked, and through Tila off. @Wonderlandvirus asked Tila if she popped pills and hit the crack pipe. I'm not sure if that is exactly what she said, but basically that's what was asked. Tila responded with "excuse me?" and then BAM the call was disconnected with wonderland. Tila only took a few more questions and then got off as soon as she could. On Twitter, she played it off like it was disconnected, and saying how pathetic for a hater to sit on the phone for five hours just to say that to her. Well Tila, how pathetic of you to not be able to even respond to that. You act SOO tough on the internet, but when you get a chance to act tough on the phone you hangup. I find that extremely hillarious. You're just a scared lil thing who likes to act all big and bad.

I went to comment Tila on Facebook telling her how pathetic she is. Almost as soon as I posted the comment, it was deleted and I was blocked. (I was extremely mad about that cause she had blocked me the day before too.) I wasn't the onlny one Tila blocked, she went on a rampage of blocking any haters. I could tell she was extremely pissed about the whole thing.

Either way that alone shows everyone that Tila can talk all this crap on the internet, but can't even handle a simple phone call. If someone really did want to kick her ass over her B.S. she would probably hide in her house all day.

Oh and before I forget. Tila and her fans went on and on about how pathetic haters are for sitting on the phone for 5 hours waiting to say something to her. Tila is just as pathetic for sitting on the phone for 5 hours as well. What big celebrity has time to do that.

Tila hunny, I really hope next time this happens you atleast try to take the person on. I'd be happy to argue with you on the phone.

Tila says I am NOT invited to her facebook page (below)


Anonymous said...

OMG, your blog was so funny. We know how Tila is, it's just her fan base full of minors that don't know which end is up.

Maybe if she stop lying so much she wouldn't have to do a 5 hour "advices" chat to keep her "children" believing in her.

Anonymous said...

what a loser. sits on the phone with strangers to make herself feel better. LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMG your blog is too funny. I really think Tila realizes her fan base is shrinking and I think she is freaking out!!

Nola said...

Aw you weren't invited?? Ouch:P slap in the face... Not

Moe said...

I wasn't the onlny one Tila blocked, she went on a rampage of blocking any haters. I could tell she was extremely pissed about the whole thing.

LMAO!! She blocked me on Facebook too...lol I went to comment and could still see the page, just nowhere for me to type anything. idiot.