Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tila and her "new lambo"

Thank god those "Army" people helped Tila pick out a car! Who knows what she would have done without kids who can't even drive helping her out. Must suck not having friends your own age.
I don't really believe she got that, obviously. Tila lives in a small apartment how does she manage to get a Lambo now? TMZ said she was just there for a photo shoot which is probably really what was going on. Who brings a camera guy with them to take pictures when buying a car? Will any of us actually see Tila's car OUTSIDE of the dealership? No. I thought she didn't have her license either, yet she's been talking about a BMW she already owns. But really, I wonder how Tila feels taking those pictures and realizing she can't even afford that car.

And when Tila feels bad about herself she fishes for compliments from her "army" that isn't old enough to drive! I guess the "Lady Gaga" nude photos weren't good enough for Tila the other day. She instead decides to post this video with the title of it being her sex tape. This is such a great kid movie. I'm so glad the kids got to see all that. Oh and she has a poll asking kids if they would buy her sex book. The majority of the people commenting Tila's blog are UNDER 18. This woman is seriously a sick pedophile. I really can't believe no one has been able to stop her posting stuff like this. Hopefully when these kids get older they'll realize she's just an ugly little wonky tits hogul.

I wonder what Tila would do if the "haters" had a photo shoot. It'd probably be a lot sexier than her mess.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tila posting nude links for minors

We all know the majority of Tila's fans are minors. You can't argue with that statement, because it's true. Since Tila's fans are minors - why in the world is she posting a link to view Lady Gaga's nudes?

I think it's quite clear that Tila does hate Lady Gaga. I know she says she isn't hating on her, but it's obvious she is. What does posting nudes of Lady Gaga have to do with The Illuminati? Nothing really. Even if it does tie in to The Illuminati why is she posting that for her kid "army" to see?

Tila acts like Lady Gaga is horrible for having nude pictures public. Shut the hell up, Tila! You post pictures of your wonky nipples hanging out all the time. You've gone on camera live to strip and masturbate for your underage fans. How is Tila going to talk about another person when she's done far worse. Does she not remember the video of her that leaked of her giving a guy a blowjob? Did the Illuminati make her do that? At least Lady Gaga isn't leaking it all over the place to get attention like the hogul. Then again Lady Gaga is famous for having talent, Tila's famous for being a disgusting attention-whore. This post from Tila SCREAMS "Give me attention!" Tila is posting Lady Gaga nudes to gain attention to her blog which has decreasing hit numbers every month since it opened. Remember when Tila said people were using her for publicity? Right. The hogul's now using nudes of Gaga for her own gain.

Why is Tila still allowed to have a blog? She's had so much sick shit on there it isn't even funny. I just want to know why no one has shut the flog down yet.

Tila you're one sick bitch.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tila's new interview

It's always nice to watch an interview of Tila's and see that she's still full of shit. She talks about how she NEVER deletes a blog. Basically saying that if you're gonna write something then keep it up. Does she not remember all the blogs she's taken down? I don't really remember them all, but I do remember the Khloe Kardashian story was taken down and the story about Anakin Skywalker. I know there's many more as well. Here's two links that have her stories still up that I have capped. Click HERE and HERE .

She also goes on to say how she doesn't insult anyone unless they insult her first. What's the deal with Lindsay Lohan then? Tila's been tryin' to ride her hard for months now. As far as I know - Lindsay hasn't said one thing to or about Tila. That's who Tila is though. When she tries to be "friends" with people and they ignore her she goes insane. Linds and The Illuminati are two examples. She's been riding Perez Hilton's dick for ever now too. He stopped mentioning Tila altogether last year. Although he did tweet her ONCE when she deleted her officialtila page, saying "Good Riddance." Why does Tila bother to lie about any of that? I guess people who don't really know her or pay attention will believe it, but no one else does.
Does anyone else notice how POOR the quality on the interview is? I had to turn my volume up all the way to hear it. How professional, right?

Tila keeps telling her fans to ignore her haters, yet she keeps talking about her haters. This girl seriously has a thing for all of us haters. Also she tells Mittiee that ALL the hater blogs got shut down. Last time I checked me and TilaTruth are still up and running, and Rotspot isn't SHUTDOWN it's been made private basically. You are such an idiot Tila.

Anyways here's the crappy interview! ENJOY!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tila's appearance in Cosmo!!

Note: I've gotten a couple people asking me about Rotspot. For the time being (I'm not sure if it's a done deal) they have closed up their blog. If you want to email Rotty her email is or her twitter is HottyRotty.

I just love Tila's talk about "The Others" this part of her stupidity really does interest me.

Here we see Tila getting all defensive, because some people don't agree with her. It's obviously bothering her that people are not praising her for being so "smart." I find it humorous, but also slightly annoying that she feels the need to repeatedly defend herself. People who have to keep defending themselves OVER and OVER again, are insecure about something. That's for sure.

Anyways, she has her army all up in a buzz about this Illuminati stuff. Again guys NOTHING Tila has said has proven that she is an insider of anything about that. Go check out VigilantCitizen (seriously do it) if you are interested in that stuff. Or just go google "Illuminati somethin or other" there's so many things that pop up that Tila is repeating. You don't need to read her garbage about it to learn.

She even has a 14 year old asking her what's up with this picture.

@LeHollyMonster called Tila out for having this picture. Of course Tila had to tell this girl she was close-minded and brainwashed. Actually, this girl seems really smart. She's noticing Tila is making the same signs the people she's claiming are in the Illuminati are. Don't forget where Tila offers herself AND her army to the Illuminati. Click HERE to read about that. What's funny is that Holly was part of the Army. She was accepted by Tila - once she started speaking her mind though she was "kicked out." Tila says other people are brainwashed? She doesn't even let you speak your mind or disagree with her.

In my eyes, anyways, her fans saying the only people disagreeing with her are "The Resistance" are the closed-minded people. Tila has you idiots so far up her ass you do anything for her.

Tila is so lucky she made an appearance in Cosmo! I'm surprised she didn't tweet about this to everyone! Oh yeah it's saying what everyone really thinks about her - a Supertramp.

Thank you Samantha for the picture of this!
See guys? It isn't only "The Resistance" who hates on Tila. Even Cosmo does now!
It must really suck for Tila - knowing that all these celebrities are a part of The Illuminati, and they don't want her. I guess they only want actual celebrities. Oh well Tila, at least you still have Jane.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The next Lady Gaga? I don't think so...

UPDATE: LOL @Aleczandah has just informed me that the magazine that did that article about Tila is a Softcore Porn tabloid! That makes a lot more sense now. Check this link out HERE

Apparently the UK was lovin' Tila the past week. Saying things like she was gonna give Lady Gaga and Katy Perry a "run for their money." I just had to laugh.

I saw Tila's pictures and I read Rotspot's posts about her adventures in the UK. She didn't seem to do anything that OUTRAGEOUS. Do they think her showing a little bit of skin is a new thing for her? The tramp practically walks around naked everywhere. Do they not realize she's done naked pictures/videos before? This isn't new for her.

I also had to laugh at when they mentioned how she appeared on "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry." Um. She didn't even have a minute on that movie. She just made a small appearance. I doubt people watch that movie and say "Oh look! It's Tila Tequila!" No one knows who she is.

They also mentioned that she's just now trying her hand at music. She didn't just start this recently. I believe she started in 06-07. She didn't become successful at it then, I doubt she will now.

I guess that's what happens when people don't know Tila's past, and only heard about her when she went there. She's still a fail.

By the way. Just because I do not blog about Tila as much anymore or make a blog that ISN'T about her, doesn't mean I like her now. I am truly sick of her. I will write about her when something BIG has happened or something I thought what funny, such as this one. If you don't like it to bad. <3

How is this right?

I just saw the post on Tila's crappy "celebrity gossip" blog about the Westboro Baptist Church. I only heard about that church once before when looking at Megan Phelps' twitter page. I just have to say that shit DISGUSTS me, and makes me so angry.

First off - their website domain is "Godhatesfags" If that doesn't tell you what kind of people they are, then I don't know what will. All these people seem to do is spend their time picketing against everything, and are just FULL of hate. I know, I sound like Tila saying that, but I'm not complaining about people who don't like me. I'm complaining about people who are seriously fucked up in the head.

"That is how he got to pose with Anti-Christ Beast Obama last December while performing at Christmas in Washington. He and Obama are of one mind and they are leading this nation to hell! Justin will answer to God! Our message: Put away your idols and filthy manner of life and OBEY TODAY!!"

Wow - how nice to call our president the Anti-Christ. I'm not saying you HAVE to like Obama. I don't entirely like him myself, but calling him the "Anti-Christ" is a bit extreme. These people talk about how God hates America, and how America is evil and blah blah blah. This is such bullshit. If God really DOES hate Gays and everything else these people say he hates, then I'd rather everyone found a new religion that didn't involve him. It sickens me to see people who THINK they know everything about God and go around treating people this way.

These people ONLY focus on HATE. I didn't realize God was all about hate. I thought he loved everyone and all that jazz. They cuss - which I don't think God appreciates very much. THEY PROTEST FUNERALS of people who served in the army. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These people fought and died for our country! Whether you agree with the war or not is NOT the issue - these people fought for something they believed in and died. They deserve respect. How dare these dumbass WBC people picket their funerals - telling them these people went to hell.

"Pray for more dead bodies floating fag-semen-rancid waters of New Orleans." --
Wow. This is the definition of evil.

I have NO problem with religious people, but if you are going to act like this. You deserve to get smacked in the face. These people are making so many Christians look bad.

If you don't like the way a person lives their life - STAY OUT OF IT. I don't understand why so many people complain about gay people. It's their life! If they want to get married - don't attend! No one says you have to be there for the wedding. Mind your own damn business. People are allowed to have their beliefs and whatnot, but stop telling other people they should live like you.

This is why I personally, do not believe The Bible at all. The Old Testament I just can't follow. In some ways, I believe that it does make God out to be what WBC thinks God is. I'm not going to hate someone though, because they do believe The Bible. I don't even hate WBC. I just am seriously disgusted at what some people's religions do to them as a person.

Apparently, God hates everyone. I guess that means God hates them too. In that case, they might as well just quit their worthless battle against EVERYTHING, and move on.

Oh . . . there's so much more I could say about these people. Maybe I will again in another post someday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tila starting a cult?

NOTE: This blog is hypothetical - meaning about the Illuminati stuff.

I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately about Tila. Nor have I been on twitter as much as I used to be. It's just different for me now. I am not as interested in Tila as I use to be. Maybe that's because her crazy has gone down just a little bit? I don't know.

This post won't JUST be about Tila. It is about a few things I have been reading about and have become very interested in. They do tie in with Tila just a little bit though.

Tila's Illuminati posts have been very annoying in my opinion. Do NOT let Tila fool you. She is not the first person to write about the Illuminati - she won't be the last to write about them either. One site I found sort of interesting if you are in to that sort of thing is VigilantCitizen.

Tila likes to talk a lot about how all these artists are SATANIC and part of the Illuminati, and how bad they are. I find that VERY hypocritical. Tila was trying to OFFER her "Tila Army" to the Illuminati before this all began. Sort of like a sacrifice in my opinion. When she learned they didn't want her she decided they were evil.

My question to Tila Army: Do you really think Tila cares about informing you about secret occults and the evil they may be doing?

In my opinion she doesn't care. The Illuminati being in charge of the music industry has been a very popular subject for awhile now. There's blogs all over the internet about it. Everything you've read from Tila's website about them comes from a different blog already on the internet.

I do believe Tila does a lot more stupid than smart, but I am not ignorant of the fact that sometimes she DOES know what she is doing. Just like her Illuminati posts. It is a VERY popular subject right now. I am sure she knows this and that is why she makes these posts about it. Not to inform you, but to gain more hits on her site. I have no doubt her Illuminati posts are some of the more popular ones.

According to many conspiracy theorists these artists basically "sold their soul to the devil" to get FAME. The Illuminati shows them the fame and glory they can have if they become apart of this. Some people (like Lady Gaga) admit they just want fame. Fame is what they live for. Is that what Tila is about? Obviously, yes. She will do anything to get a little bit of attention, even if it is negative. If The Illuminati wanted to offer Tila to be apart of their elite she would join it in a heart beat. She already offered herself to them. She offered you army members to them as well seeing as you guys will ONLY listen to her - that's in her own words.

Tila talks about how she is God's angel sent from heaven all the time. Quite a grand delusion, indeed. Tila is full of sin. Pedophilia, porn, attempted suicide, vulgar language, etc. are all apart of sin. I didn't realize God would send an angel to do all that. Of course he wouldn't. Tila would drop God in a second if the Illuminati were real and wanted her to be apart of them. If that meant she had to defy God, I don't think she would care.

All the talk she does of mind control by the Illuminati is b.s. as well. TILA IS MIND CONTROLLING THE TILA ARMY. Not all of the Tila Army, because some of them do have their own mind. When Tila tells you all to attack the haters she is doing it in a way to CONVINCE you guys that you should. Such as saying we are evil, bringing negativity, stressing her out, etc. She is using all these words to convince you we should all be attacked, for HER honor. Some of you army members attack us for no other reason, but us insulting Tila. It's like you guys are her mindless drones doing everything she asks you to. She's offering you guys off to possible occults like you are her property. She is turning the Tila Army in to a cult. Remember, I didn't say ALL of you were apart of this. She says she will unfollow/block people who talk to the haters. Since that's like some sort of punishment for some of you - you decide you can't talk to us at all unless it is to insult us. Just because Tila told you to do that.

The good thing about us "haters" is that we DON'T have a leader. We say, do, talk to, whoever we want. We don't have some leader telling us what to do, and willing to sacrifice us for their own personal gain. If I want to talk to a Tila fan I can do so without a hater bitching at me about it. WE are allowed to think for ourselves. I'm not saying it's okay for haters to just insult people for no reason, BUT at least they are doing it from their own free will not someone else's.

I do think some of you should open your eyes. Tila is trying to turn you guys in to a cult. She IS telling you what to do and not do, and some of you ARE really listening.

The media is a form of mind control. Things we watch on TV do make up what we think and believe. But it is our choice not to be consumed by it and to question everything. That is my opinion.

Anyways, the point of this blog is -- how far is Tila going to take this? She's slowly turning her "army" in to a cult. Some of you need to open your eyes and see what is really going on.

My last question to Tila Army: Are you guys ready for Tila to auction you off to the Illuminati for her own personal gain?

Don't tell me she wouldn't do that either. The proof is already capped and STILL on her blog. I guess she's just leaving it there incase they change their mind.

Tila can't stop talking about herself

Tila has decided to use the recent tragedy in Uganda for her own gain. In her post about it today she tells us what happens and then goes in to talking about her haters. I really don't see in any way how the haters' "negativity" has to do with Uganda. We aren't terrorists blowing sh*t up. We aren't actually HARMING anyone. Most of us have kinda let it go a little bit as well.

Talking about Uganda and then going in to a subject about how the haters should do this and that is really pathetic. I'm sorry Tila but I will continue to "hate" on you, because that isn't going to cause any big disaster. You aren't significant.

According to her she is supposed to go to Africa for charity work. We all know about Tila's fake charities, so I don't ever see that really happening.

While I was in the middle of capping that blog I saw on Twitter people were very upset. Apparently Tila has been editing people's comments on her website to make the person look like they said horrible things. According to other haters' and some fans' on the second comment the last part was added and was NOT there at first. If it really was Tila who wrote that, she is capable of far more cruelty than even I've ever had FOR her.

It's funny, Tila talks about everyone getting rid of the negativity on her website, twitter, etc. BUT she seems to be the one bringing the negativity to it. FAIL.
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered from this recent possible terrorist attack.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't let your hat turn to hate

I'm actually really not in the mood to blog right now, but this was too funny NOT to document.

Here is Tila's latest poem. It's done in a Dr. Seuss kind of style, and it's the worst piece of crap I have ever read. It doesn't make sense, and it's all over the place.

She makes a comment about belittling a hat that turns in to hate. I have NO idea what that is supposed to mean but it is hillarious and now it's the latest craze for a hashtag on twitter. #belittlethehat

This is probably the most funny thing I have ever read from Tila. I'd probably make a cute little blog post in Tila poem form, but I'm just not in the mood.

Read my girl Leila's blog for a more interesting post about this! Click HERE to go to it.