Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tila and her "new lambo"

Thank god those "Army" people helped Tila pick out a car! Who knows what she would have done without kids who can't even drive helping her out. Must suck not having friends your own age.
I don't really believe she got that, obviously. Tila lives in a small apartment how does she manage to get a Lambo now? TMZ said she was just there for a photo shoot which is probably really what was going on. Who brings a camera guy with them to take pictures when buying a car? Will any of us actually see Tila's car OUTSIDE of the dealership? No. I thought she didn't have her license either, yet she's been talking about a BMW she already owns. But really, I wonder how Tila feels taking those pictures and realizing she can't even afford that car.

And when Tila feels bad about herself she fishes for compliments from her "army" that isn't old enough to drive! I guess the "Lady Gaga" nude photos weren't good enough for Tila the other day. She instead decides to post this video with the title of it being her sex tape. This is such a great kid movie. I'm so glad the kids got to see all that. Oh and she has a poll asking kids if they would buy her sex book. The majority of the people commenting Tila's blog are UNDER 18. This woman is seriously a sick pedophile. I really can't believe no one has been able to stop her posting stuff like this. Hopefully when these kids get older they'll realize she's just an ugly little wonky tits hogul.

I wonder what Tila would do if the "haters" had a photo shoot. It'd probably be a lot sexier than her mess.


Joann said...

I have said it before and I will say it again, Tila did not buy herself a Lambo and no one bought one for her.

Her career(which is virtually nonexistent),where she lives and her intelligence or should I say "her lack of" is not even in the neighborhood of someone who could afford to buy a Lambo.

I say she comes up with some excuse in a few days on why she's not getting the car
If, and this is a big if...she drives the car off the lot it's more than likely for some sort of promotion the dealership is having and they picked her to represent them and one of the perks is she can drive the car around town as long as the promotion is going on
It's just as TMZ said, she doing a photoshoot on the beach and the Lambo is part of the prop.

Who in their right mind would take their new(or used)Lambo they just bought to the beach.

Terri said...

Somebody called the Lambo dealer and supposedly she is getting one. We will see how this plays out.

It's a 2009 and thats fine, unless you are a mogul and I think the blue is ugly. The off white was hotter.

How old is that video? It HAS to be a good 8 years old, when she WAS cute.

If a dude was doing what she does on the internet, posting these videos, pictures for underage kids, he would be facing charges.

WHY just because she is a female, is it a double standard. GROSS!

Anonymous said...

This is my exact point Spikey, posting that video up for minors who are under 18 is wrong. Tila is such a shady whore that she likes to post borderline porn to kids. Just barely enough to get away with it. Ewwww, I just hate that fucking skank!

As far as living in a apart-mansion and trying to buy a Lambo? Goes to show she has shit for brains. I'd rather live in a nice house any day than own a luxurious sports car. Let's see what her excuse is for not having the lambo by next month or so. She's a walking a abortion. I really despise her!

Anonymous said...

I also don't think she's brought the lambo and the colour is hideous. However if she can get credit for one, I'm going to take my happy little arse down there and get one for myself as it would appear they're giving them away.
As for the stripping on cam. You're right if it was a man doing this people would be going nuts. I don't understand how she is still allowed to get away with this. Unless of course she's going to get a nice visit from the boys in the black SUV's one morning, who don't give a shit about her blog, take her computer strip it down and see exactly what she's been up to. She's too stupid to no how to rease a hard drive.

Anonymous said...

Ooops erase, sorry

Anonymous said...

Dear Tila STD Nguyen, nice try using NUDITY to distract people from your stupid lies! Fail fail fail.

Joann said...

boytoy said...

I dont want to give advice or tell the writers of this blog what to write or give my opinion but....


Yeah uuummmmmmm
"This is my exact point Spikey, posting that video up for minors who are under 18 is wrong."

Those video were 7/8 yrs ago and there all over the internet so whoever wrote that anynomous post u should chill out.

Tila must feel really good about herself when she lies or doesnt care.

livvey said...

As someone else said above, it is very odd that she's supposedly buying this car but lives in a really small place.

Ben said...


Don't forget that she rarely drives anywhere and now she's claiming she still has a BMW.

Odds are we'll see the car for about a week, she made the mistake herself in her own tweets.

"GOOD NEWS! I got approved for the BABY BLUE LAMBO!! Saweeeet!!!! Now I gotta go down there and pick it up! OMG OMGG!!! SOOO EXCITED!"

"These hater's.. why dont u SUCK IT! Get over the fact that I bought myself a $250,000 Lambo, all cash upfront! SO get over it! Geez!"

So if she was handing over $250,000 in cash, what does she need to be approved for? Odds are she rented it for a week-month to pretend on the web she has it, that way she can reference owning it, and never have to show it. Or that she was approved to rent it on certain days, that way when she goes places she can show up in the car, and drop it back off the next day. There's no way in hell she actually bought one. Sorry, not possible.

boytoy said...

tila can buy the car with her hooker money,

Anonymous said...

Let's say for a minute that she did actually buy a Lambo. WHY SHOULD SHE CARE IF JEALOUS HATERS DON'T BELIEVE HER? Why does she so desperately need to convince people it's true? If she bought it, she should just be happy about it for herself.

Ben said...

So now she's going on vacation. Because that is what everyone does after buying a $250k car, go on vacation away from it.

She's not even making it hard, she deleted her post about having bought a place in trump towers (yeah, of course she's spend $2mil for a place she visits 3x a year)

At least with all these outlandish claims she's inching her way towards an epic meltdown, which will be funny.

Also funny, if you listen to her ElectroQueer interview about her UK trip, she says it was to advertise her blog and other things, I don't recall her saying it was a music tour. I haven't made it all the way through it, it's like nails on a chalkboard, really.

Anonymous said...

So is it an Arab or Japanese John who paid for prostitute-tila?

Anonymous said...

Is it any coincidence that STDtila is copying Ayumi Hamaski's orange hairstyle?

Joann said...

@ Ben...I said the same thing on do not need to wait to be approved if you're paying cash upfront for the price of the car.

Tila don't have Lambo money...I doubt if she has rent a Lambo money. She might be using it for a promotional deal where she keeps it for a week or two.

I just saw the video of her driving the car a short distance with the music blasting, her trying to rap along with some loud rap song...just like a ghetto skank who is not use to anything.

I'm willing to bet she was on a test drive.

Anonymous said...

Damn BOYTOY, maybe you should chill out? By the sounds of it, it seems like you are okay with the fact Tila likes to post flith for underage kids? Am I missing something here? *rolls eyes*

Seagal said...

I am laughing so hard I practically peed my pants, seems Tila fired "another' employee for blogging inappropriate material and also for sexual harrassment amongt other things. All I can come up with is she got a lot of complaints about posting that pic of a fake Lady GaGa and wants to shift the blame to someone else. She is such a skank that she can't take responsibility for anything she does.

Ben said...


She fired Garry Sun who was her paparazzi, editor of the blog, and posted under OMGoodness. They had a falling out, she tweeted one night about filing a restraining order in the middle of the night against a pap and it was most likely him (love how the courts are open 24/7 for her).

He tweeted about how it was hell to work for her after that day (remember she went to him for comfort during the whole Casa debacle) and he's the one who also tweeted about her hooking for the car. Now of course, she's tossing her usual post-breakup accusations his way of sexual harassment (like she did with Casa though she said that was rape) and all that blah blah blah, it'll be another LOLsuit that never sees the courtroom or lawyers.

Seagal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seagal said...

Had to delete my post. My horrible spelling and grammer were driving me nuts. lol

Anyhow, Thanks ,Ben, I read that after I posted. I don't know if I should feel like a jerk for finding it funny or not. Garry was warned by so many people to stay clear of her but like so many others didn't believe anyone. Just about everyone, men and women who get involved w/Tila end up getting accused of ripping her off, beating her up, dead, or sexually harrassing her. I really wish someone would go after her for libel. I hate seeing her getting away w/so much of her bullshit. Hopefully soon she'll get whats coming to her.

Anonymous said...

@anon at spamming for crap sdpot, got away, get it trendiong lol.. hope thewy asked for age before they got people to send TIT pics ? infreaking real

Anonymous said...

come try spelling nazi :) plz

Anonymous said...

tila-prostitute-tequila is copying AYUMI HAMASAKI

alison m m said...

agreed about AYUMI HAMASAKI!!!

The Blotspot said...

I have to agree with what TMZ has said. The Lamborghini is a prop just like Tilas' silicone valley....with the exception that the car has to go back when the shoot is done. :P

Anonymous said...

Tila's Trip to Illinois

First of all I like your blog and secondly this how Illinois takes care of business.Tila talks a big game and tells us how much of bad ass she is.So where was the bad ass? Tila's life was never threatened she was being boo'd before she hit the stage.We did not see anybody follow her to her trailer and threaten her.Once she left the stage it was over.It looked like a beer can that hit her in the face and she was getting pelted with numerous objects including super balls,hot dogs,balloons,+fecal matter.My friend got hit with a lawn chair that did not make it to the stage.The chant of "you suck" was hilarious..We hope she takes the hint and realize that she is DONE.
People talk all bad ass on the internet but change their tune when it is in real life.

This was NO publicity stunt and "for reals"

Now send the ROTSPOT girls up on to the stage.They claim they are bad asses too.

Before and after Tila it was a pretty calm crowd but the traffic to and from was a nightmare.

If you bully people and run your mouth one day it catches up to you and you will have to back it up..Are you listening Hotty Rotty?

Anonymous said...

Tila should never have taken the stage she was being heckled before she began.The crowd was chanting "Tila Sucks"I don't think there was 2000 people there but I know she did not have one fan in the crowd. Tila said "is that all you got" to the crowd and then it just began to rain(garbage) on the stage.People were throwing things from every section. Someone else stated it was a beer can(full) that hit her on the right side of her face.We did not see the crowd attack her trailer like she is claiming.

also this event is closer to Paducah Ky than it is Chicago.If it was in Chicago it would have been much worse because Chicago has some rowdy concerts.Ask Primus.

It was a crappy event all day long so maybe it was built up frustration.My home theater has a better sound system.


Anonymous said...

adding more to my friend's comments.....the exact quote from Tila "is that all you got bitches" and who has bodyguards right next to them when performing?The beer can can hit her in the face pushing the mic into her left eye. We have been to more rowdy concerts and no one got close to Tila...The full beer can was a bit much we just heckled her.

I would not attend this event again because it is just like camping in the woods with a boom box..

I hope she understands NOW that we want her to GO AWAY!

peace 2

Angela said...

The nude attack pics of TT. HAW!

Anonymous said...


Damn those are fugly lady-boy boobs!

Anonymous said...

Stop bashing this woman

Anonymous said...

Wtf is wrong with ppl like you leave this girl alone is is a victim of abuse my God be with you God bless

Anonymous said...

God bless you the lord Jesus