Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tila's appearance in Cosmo!!

Note: I've gotten a couple people asking me about Rotspot. For the time being (I'm not sure if it's a done deal) they have closed up their blog. If you want to email Rotty her email is or her twitter is HottyRotty.

I just love Tila's talk about "The Others" this part of her stupidity really does interest me.

Here we see Tila getting all defensive, because some people don't agree with her. It's obviously bothering her that people are not praising her for being so "smart." I find it humorous, but also slightly annoying that she feels the need to repeatedly defend herself. People who have to keep defending themselves OVER and OVER again, are insecure about something. That's for sure.

Anyways, she has her army all up in a buzz about this Illuminati stuff. Again guys NOTHING Tila has said has proven that she is an insider of anything about that. Go check out VigilantCitizen (seriously do it) if you are interested in that stuff. Or just go google "Illuminati somethin or other" there's so many things that pop up that Tila is repeating. You don't need to read her garbage about it to learn.

She even has a 14 year old asking her what's up with this picture.

@LeHollyMonster called Tila out for having this picture. Of course Tila had to tell this girl she was close-minded and brainwashed. Actually, this girl seems really smart. She's noticing Tila is making the same signs the people she's claiming are in the Illuminati are. Don't forget where Tila offers herself AND her army to the Illuminati. Click HERE to read about that. What's funny is that Holly was part of the Army. She was accepted by Tila - once she started speaking her mind though she was "kicked out." Tila says other people are brainwashed? She doesn't even let you speak your mind or disagree with her.

In my eyes, anyways, her fans saying the only people disagreeing with her are "The Resistance" are the closed-minded people. Tila has you idiots so far up her ass you do anything for her.

Tila is so lucky she made an appearance in Cosmo! I'm surprised she didn't tweet about this to everyone! Oh yeah it's saying what everyone really thinks about her - a Supertramp.

Thank you Samantha for the picture of this!
See guys? It isn't only "The Resistance" who hates on Tila. Even Cosmo does now!
It must really suck for Tila - knowing that all these celebrities are a part of The Illuminati, and they don't want her. I guess they only want actual celebrities. Oh well Tila, at least you still have Jane.


Samantha said...

Hey! I love your blog, I've never commented but I laughed my ass off when I was reading my cosmo this month and saw the SMALL blurb about tila and how much she wanted attention. That photo is real, and I can send a pic to you that I took on my phone if you want.

Spiked Tequila said...

Thank you! and sure I would love the pic. You can email me at if you want.

Ben said...

I'm pretty positive the cosmo thing is real, I've seen it around the net.

I asked Tila about the eye symbol as well and she said:

"2 see how easily people can be fooled. Do u think Im that dumb 2 post that &then this? It was an inside joke w/ppl who know about it"

Needless to say she became less polite when I responded that she was dumb enough to do that. So someone who claims that the Illuminati is powerful and scary she likes calling them out in public places by putting their precious symbol on blast.

I'm just sad she's avoiding comments about her Onesy that she performed in. I want to hear the reason behind that diaper looking thing.

<3 Spikey, keep up the good work.

FUYU said...

The thing is @LeHollyMonster was actually accepted INTO TilaARMY not too long before that tweet calling her a closed minded, brainwashed child. Tila quickly took her out as soon as @LeHollyMonster voiced her own opinion. This shows Tila's ways of brainwashing her Army too. Her whole Army of tards saw those tweets in ALL of their timelines since she was accepted in and followed, and they all saw her kick and ban her out of her Army of tards once she spoke her mind.

Samantha said...

I just sent the photo your way!

Spiked Tequila said...

Oh wow I didnt know that girl was part of the tila army...

That's crazy...

God it's sad that you can't have your OWN opinions cause of her.

FUYU said...

Spiked>> YES ma'am! She was! Two hours before Tila tweeted she is a closed minded brainwashed child, she was accepted into her Army.

Here it is:

(Just for time reference in between that tweet, here's the tweet from your screencap)

Spiked Tequila said...

Thanks Samantha! I put your picture in the blog instead :)

Spiked Tequila said...

That's crazy FUYU. But I guess I'm not really surprised :/

Samantha said...

Thanks! When I took that photo a few weeks ago my boyfriend was like, "why in the world are you taking a picture of that skank?" I thought it would eventually come in handy and Im glad that it did! :)

SammiDe said...

The Cosmo is real! Great job girl~ :)

Spiked Tequila said...

:) thanks guys!
I can't believe I never knew about the Cosmo thing!
I need to start getting Cosmo again lol

FUYU said...

I'm not surprised either but it frustrates me that her Army doesn't think anything's wrong with it. She treats her fans like crap but they ignore these things! I can't believe how many times I've seen them say "You treat your fans so well!" "You are so good to us!" .. that poor girl @alicelucyy who traveled 6 hours (round trip via train) just to see Tila (and was stood up) is just as blind.

Mittiee said...


FUYU said...

Mittiee, you are great die-hard fan. Tila doesn't deserve you. I hope she never breaks your big heart.

Mittiee said...

What do you mean?

Ben said...

Just like Alina who loved Tila then finally realized that she was a liar and Tila and her Army accused her of being a spy.

What can she be a spy for when everything Tila does is public. You can't spy on the sun, everyone sees the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Butters is here!!! I love you Butters you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!
You deserve your own show!


Anonymous said...

Butters said...

I think you are the best Butters!!
How come you are not on formspring? Did you get grounded again?



debby.murphy said...

Its a real shame Rotspot closed down, I adored that page. Thank God for this blog! I just wanted to come and vent that my comments on her flog are automatically deleted. does anyone else get that? I don't comment often but jeez, whenever I do it just gets deleted right away. I guess I call it a bit too real for Tila. I'm not a hater, but I can't get over the fact that she just spews so much hate everywhere and lies all the time! I actually used to like her (not like, Tila Army style, I'm over the age of 12), so I kinda was shocked to see what she had become and got sucked into it. Anyway, thanks for giving me a platform to vent my anger on without it getting deleted. Keep up the good work guys and pass on my love to the Rotspot crew and know you have support in the UK!

Anonymous said...

@Debby.murphy..of course your comments, my comments, and everyone else's comments who speak the truth against Tila were deleted. Tila deleted my comments and even blocked me, Tila hates when SMART people (the people who can actually think for themselves) call her out on her lies. I feel really sorry for those " Young Flatliners" who think she does noting wrong. It's a shame what she's doing to these young kids. She's running a small cult of young kids if you ask me? And are you serious? Rotspot is closed? Why??

Spiked Tequila said...

Thanks everyone for the support!

Rotspot is temporarily closed because they are focusing on a new blog now about Nikky.

Spiked Tequila said...

and thank you Mittiee for taking the time to come to my blog. It is appreciated very much.

Hope said...

Thanks for explaining what happend to the Rot Spot. I was having a meltdown when I couldn't see the page. I'll just have to wait.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with that bitch blocking me. She's blocking your IP address. I have wifi access with about 30 unsecured connections lol. I just change connection and get a new IP address tee hee. You can also unplug your router and let it reset.

You can't stop the insecure witch from deleting comments though. At least you get the satisfaction that you struck a nerve:)

Now that's out of the way....what grown adult can't decide what type of car she wants? Can't wake herself up without tweets from her Army? Misses every flight she is supposed to catch? Forgets that the UK is in a different time zone? Can't post a story because people in Europe might me asleep and miss it? Forgets to activate her credit cards for an overseas trip?

She really is too stupid to live.

Ray said...

I thought she was going back to the old comment way? Just another thing she said and didnt do?

Pantagruella said...

Tila Tequila is a very vivacious yung lady who is beguiling the Internet with her impudent style. If the leaders of North Korea can change their minds, why cannot Tila Tequila?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up the Rotspot situ.
You guys & girls at Spiked Tequila, Rotspot & Tila Truth do a fantastic job exposing that crettin Tila. Thankyou and keep up the great work!
I've also tried to leave comments on Tilas site recently and they were immediately 'deleted by the administrator'. They weren't offensive, just asking a question. Then I see that someone else actually wrote 'i'm glad your fiancé died' but she didn't delete that comment?! WTF? Then I started thinking that she probably wrote that awful comment herself to generate sympathy and incite her team of sheep to attack anyone who wasn't writing things like 'Tila I love u'
Anyway she's crazy and you guys do a great job calling her out on all her BS.

Anonymous said...

Trash Tequila missed her flights? She might faked-miss-a-flight to invite paparazzi to find her at the airports.

She posed that way not to make fun of the "others'" artists but to get the "others" to notice her.

I agree with above poster who said that She is fishing for sympathy by not deleting the "fiance" comment

Here's another anti-trashy-tila blog

Anonymous said...

I have become addicted to Spiked Tequila and the rotspot- not for the Tila element so much, but because I enjoy the writing, banter and moral debate. I appreciate it takes a lot of effort to maintain these sites, and I want to thank all the writers for the lulz. Both sites always bring a fresh outlook to each new post, addressing issues or lies I hadn't even considered. I dearly hope that this Nikki drama hasn't caused anyone too much pain, what she did was hurtful and ignorant. Be wary of giving her too much attention, albeit negative, because if it wasn't for these blogs I wouldn't even know the silly little muppets name. I do hope to see the Rotspot reinstated, particuarly as Tila seems to be slowly losing it again (Won't someone think of the children!?), but I wish everyone the best in the meantime. You included Mittiee, you do make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we don't hate you Mittiee, we just want you to see the facts you front of you. I'd like to see the day when your opinion is different than Tila's? If you shall ever disagree with her? Don't be surprise if she acts like a cult leader? Don't say we didnt tell ya so.

jaycandy said...

The Rotspot got shut down becasue of nikky raney person or is there another reason.

I was going to join as a new member i heard about from other people.

Spiked Tequila said...

They didn't get shut down..they just temporarily closed it because of NIkky.

BKiddo said...

TRS, Spiked, and Truth will never get "shut down".
They all write way too good, have alot of people following, and are credible as a M.F.!
Make no mistake.

Kate said...

Thank goodness for this blog!!! I needed my Tila fail fix so bad. I was having withdrawals.

I love the Rotspot and all the girls, but making a hate blog about Nikky? That's low. Even if we don't like her that's classic internet bullying. What if Nikky killed herself? There have been cases online about cyberbullying and suicide and it is taken VERY seriously!

Even though they write about Tila, she deserves it, but I just don't think they should create a website to viciously attack Nikky... there are internet cyber bullying laws against that. I know because I do work as somewhat of an investigator so I have to know all these laws.

I still love the Rotspot though, but I do not support an anti-Nikky blog. I hope no one gets mad at me for this but I want to sound off my opinion :(.

I hope you write about Tila's FAIL Lamborghini claims. Pure awesome.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Kate. I know the ladies are upset with Nikky, but I don't want them to take it too far - Plus, Tila provides plenty of lulzy material.

Random Tila thought: she seems so obsessed with Lindsay Lohan and sounds like a jeliz h8r. She probably wishes she got that kind of media coverage the five times she went to jail...

Really Tila? said...

I have been a reader of TRS, Spikey and Tila Truth pretty much from the beginning. I comment every once in awhile but normally lay low whenever there is any drama because quite frankly, I'm a 35 year old mother of 2 babies, married to a Soldier who's deployed for long periods of time. I have enough drama in my life without having to worry about situations like this with Tila or Nikky Raney. When Nikky appeared on the scene, I instantly felt that something was "off" about her. I didn't find her all that funny, but I did feel badly that people were calling her fat, Piggy Raney, etc. I thought she was a normal, average, healthy girl. When she said how much she weighed, I laughed, because she's a little heavier then me and I weigh 135lbs. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT WEIGHT AT 5'5! Those small little lies and immaturity on her vlogs, made me realize that my initial hunch about her was right on and that she was a fame whore and wasn't even a good journalist to boot. The Rotspot was very supportive of her in the beginning but she just kept on. Rotspot didn't call her fat. She lied every which way trying to convince everyone (And herself!) that she wasn't fat. Well you know what? I've got 15 years on you, had two babies (at 33 and 34) within 13 months of one another and had 12 surgeries last year and I look like you. What's your excuse Nikky? I'm perfectly happy with the way I look. I look damn good! You won't hear me saying "I'm not fat! I only weigh 110 lbs! I'm soooooooo underweight! Look at me! I'm so skinny!" all the while flashing my boobs in too small tank tops, pretending to be a grownup journalist. She's not much different then Tila pretending to be a Singer/Star/Manager/Mogul/Mother and all the other things she pretends to be. After watching her go back and forth between all of the different blogs, Twitter and Facebook, trying to play everyone against one another and be everyone's friend and be FAMOUS, it blew up in her face.

Now Nikky has taken this to a whole nother level by using "information she received in an email" two days ago to publicly "out" the identity of one of the Rotspot writers. She was very cruel and mocking on Twitter. Problem is, she disregarded any and all ethics and teachings of journalism and ran with the story without checking a single fact. Her cruel taunts came at the expense of a young wife and mother who had passed away less then a year ago. What makes it sadder is the fact that she and her husband just lost their baby daughter a year before that. The Rotspot writer in question that was supposedly "outed" was her friend and to see their friend and Wife's picture on Nikky's Twitter with cruel comments regarding her weight, looks etc was just too much to bear. This man didn't ask for his deceased wife or himself to be made fun of because his now Partner writes for a blog. If Nikky would have just typed in his name, she could have came up with the same information I did. I found her name, their private pictures, her social pages and even the obituary for their child. I did that in less then 2 minutes. I know more about this poor woman who's one year anniversary of her death is coming up shortly, then Nikky does because I saw how easy it is to fact check.

While Kate and Anonymous is entitled to feel as they do about not supporting an "Anti-Nikky Blog", you can bet your sweet asses that I do. I do it for the woman whose heartfelt letter to her friends I stumbled upon describing in detail how her daughter passed away. That letter wasn't meant for my eyes, your eyes or anyone else’s eyes but her friends and family's. She passed away and was mocked by Nikky Raney for her looks and her weight. I fully support the Rotspot's decision to lock and load.

R.I.P. This Rotspot Girl has got your back. You never meant to be famous, but Nikky made your story known. Now it's time for Nikky's time in the spotlight. Go get her girls.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the readers of Rotspot~I love it! BUT-I dont always agree with everything thats put out there.And thats no biggy.I also love your blogs TST!I was a fan of Tilas,until I realized she has serious honesty issues.My 17 year old son thinks she is just the best thing since sliced white bread,lol!I hardly take his advice,But this time I see his point.If theres gonna be some serious hating on NR,I am afraid this whole thing could turn really ugly,Really fast.I personally think she made the making fun of Tila video,because she thought it would earn her big points with the Rotty site writers.And thats not easy to do,Yall saw right thru her..She just wants to be as bold as other bloggers-But it just isnt in her.I am afraid this whole thing could push her into something horrible.Cant we just forget about her,And get back to exposing Tila?

I love these sites,probably because I see the control she has over the kids-To me its alarming,Because I am in the home with a TILA ARMY member.She speaks of brain-washing alot,And that is exactly what she is doing to these children.

Plz open Rotspt back up-And Spikey girl-Make us some new blogs-I check yours every single day! And you are a great writer!!!

From a huge fan! :)

BKiddo said...

I'll be standing right next to Really Tila?!
What NR did was awful and hurtful on every level, and it made my heart sink.
I don't want to hear crap about NR's age either. I have a ton of succesful neices around that same age, and they would never think of useing and hurting someone in that way...ever!
My heart goes out to the family and am so sorry for their loss.
Thank You Spiked, and Really Tila?.
Sorry my comment was about NR, but I couldn't help myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm dishearted with Rotspot and I hope this blog and Tilatruth stay updated.

Internet bullying is so childish. Nikky Raney doesn't have a following of children watching her striptease online. She may have some issues but really, does she need to have a blog dedicated to her? Really? This smacks of childish nastyness.

I'm disappointed that I can't enjoy the wit of Rotspot anymore, because it really was top notch.

I get that stuff was said and people got hurt, but it really sounds like things are going over the top and the writers (or at least Rotty) have shown themselves for who they are. Spiteful internet bullies.

When it was about exposing Tila, that was great - they were using their talents for good not evil. Now? Not so much.

You get hurt, you take the high road, is what my Momma taught me. Otherwise you're no better.

Thanks, SpikedTequila, for being here. Tila needs to be exposed, but not by people like the Rotspot. If they harass or bully Nikky Raney online, they lose all credibility.

Yeah, this is just bullsh*t.

Exposing Tila was much more fun before it became a bunch of drama between the other personalities.

Some people just need to Grow The F*ck Up.

Gregor said...

hello all,

Thanks Spikey for clarifying the Rotspot's lockdown.I was dragged into the Tila saga because of an incident with my 14 year old nephew.My sister,brother-in-law and myself are very grateful for 3 Tila truth bloggers.You guys guided us to gather evidence to present to law enforcement.TilaHotspot dating chat is no more,Tilas bankrupt and has a tax lien.She is not in jail like we hoped but we have moved on.We believe we did all we could.California has some strange laws. We will pop in when Tila attempts a comeback.We would understand if the bloggers moved on but we hope you keep the blogs up because there are many parents out there who have no idea who Tila is.
I noticed Nicky coming in when Tila went to New York and her discovering "tilas act" If the rotspot does come back online look under the comments under Nicky's parody video of Tila.I warned her that a real journalist should not do that but I realize she is only 20.I never heard of the school Nicky is attending and I chuckled when she claims she is the future of journalism. I will listen to what the Rotspot has to say about Nicky but I don't think it will come close to what Tila has done.Rotspot please keep in mind she is only 20.

Thanks Rotspot,Tila Truth and SpikedTequila blogs for your hard work.We ALL realize it was done on your own time.

Good Luck to you Spikey as you start your voyage in school.Trust me it will pay off in the end.

Greg from Florida

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Sheriff Gauncent just popping in to say hi!

Spiked Tequila said...

Thanks guys! I'll continue writing blogs. I just haven't seen anything funny about Tila lately. It's a little harder for me than Rotspot cause I'm one person lol. But I try my best.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on whats happening.

I noticed beforehand on the Rotspot that writers of the blog were attacking members for writing thier opinons on tila and if the writer(TRS, Rotty, Fatty, etc)didnt like what the members said they would get attacked.
The writers of that blog are self sabtoging themselves.

Joann said...

I agree with a lot of the comments on here about Nikky.

I don't know if anything other than what was reported...Nikky flip flopping on TRS and saying they weren't credible...went down between the two but I CAN'T see them shutting down their well known blog with damn near six months of hard work and proven facts about the sociopathic behavior of Tila Tequila in favor of starting one about Nikky who is basically a newcomer and not important in the scheme of things which is to get Tila off the Internet for her fraudulent, filthy behavior and lies.

I'm pretty sure something of major proportions is brewing between them and Nikky and if TRS choose to keep it under wraps then I will respect them for their decision.

I will greatly miss can bet your last dollar on that.

Thanks for keeping the ball rolling Spikey. I come on here now and then to make a comment but will definitely be on here a lot more since TRS has said goodbye.

I will make a comment about the skank test driving a Lambo.

Tila might have went to test drive one(anyone of us can do that) but she sure as hell ain't buying one.

You see how she made sure she had her photographer take a picture of her in the car so she could put it on her piece of crap blog.

Trust me this was for show to make her moronic army think she's living the good life and can afford a car like that since they will believe anything she says. Bunch of misfits.

By the end of the week we won't hear anymore about the car just like she hasn't said anything more about going to Italy and winning the lottery.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on either of the "Big Three" and the first time I do I'm not on topic. Sorry. I for one shall wait to see what the RotSpot team have to say when and if the site reopens.
Spiked I love your site I wish you would update it more often, but also recognize that you do have a life outside of this blog.
Thank you for all your hard work.

boytoy said...

OMG Thank God this is hear.
I'm having TRS withdrawls.

Nice to meet everyone,Thanks spike for the blog.
Wonder when TRS will be back up?

Znitch said...

@boytoy I was wondering the same thing. I tried to get ahold of Rotty on Twitter but never got a reply. Oh well.

At least this site is still up. If anything should ever happen to this site I don't know what I would do. lol All my Tila lols come from here and used to come from TRS.

Spiked Tequila said...

Thanks guys for coming here I do appreciate it.