Monday, July 12, 2010

Tila can't stop talking about herself

Tila has decided to use the recent tragedy in Uganda for her own gain. In her post about it today she tells us what happens and then goes in to talking about her haters. I really don't see in any way how the haters' "negativity" has to do with Uganda. We aren't terrorists blowing sh*t up. We aren't actually HARMING anyone. Most of us have kinda let it go a little bit as well.

Talking about Uganda and then going in to a subject about how the haters should do this and that is really pathetic. I'm sorry Tila but I will continue to "hate" on you, because that isn't going to cause any big disaster. You aren't significant.

According to her she is supposed to go to Africa for charity work. We all know about Tila's fake charities, so I don't ever see that really happening.

While I was in the middle of capping that blog I saw on Twitter people were very upset. Apparently Tila has been editing people's comments on her website to make the person look like they said horrible things. According to other haters' and some fans' on the second comment the last part was added and was NOT there at first. If it really was Tila who wrote that, she is capable of far more cruelty than even I've ever had FOR her.

It's funny, Tila talks about everyone getting rid of the negativity on her website, twitter, etc. BUT she seems to be the one bringing the negativity to it. FAIL.
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered from this recent possible terrorist attack.


Ben said...

<3 Spikey

The bitch is just losing it. Now she's admitting she has 0 friends (big duh there) because everyone is always "using her" or my favorite line was "or selling me out" Selling someone out? Geez, isn't that the MO for all of the times Tila went "Innnn" on someone? Such a fucking hypocrite.

Glad to see a new post Spikey, I know it's tough to just be around Tila's bullshit so it's nice to have these records of her lies.

Anonymous said...

A trip to Africa to help build wells? I am laughing so hard picturing her in her spike heels and hooker dresses digging a well. Too much.

Tila seems to be forgetting her UK tour in July. Also the baby adoption that was approved. And now her rant today about becoming a changed woman, having her army dry real tears for her. Enough to gag me. Still, I loved her comment that her psychiatrist wondered how she made it this far...something a doc would never say to a patient. The woman never fails to make me laugh. My only question is whether she just likes to stir the pot or she really believes her own crap.

Anonymous said...

this is because she won't be on CR$--oops, i meant CR4. i even asked Mr. Google News search. see also, Gawker, NYDN, Radar.

BKiddo said...

Where does tila get off thinking that jeliz haters don't care or volunteer for charities? Also, once again she's late with her "news".
Thease latest posts of hers really, really piss me off.
Then she has the nerve to turn around and edit other people's comments? She's soo very desperate, it's sickening.

Anonymous said...

She edits people's comments hahaha she has more fake fan accounts than real fans huh.

Dirty evil call girl, you need to sober up before you turn crazy for real.

Spiked Tequila said...

I'm really just amazed at how she thinks HER negativity is really positivity. wtf.

Anonymous said...

The Uganda bomber had missed the target. The immoral is Tila Tequila, not the soccer fans.

Btw, NO REAL CELEBRITIES require their fans to provide age and location to be their fans, only pseudo celebs(read : porn stars) do that for verification that the fans are of legal age :P

Speaking of porn stars, Tila Trashquila is losing attention(or clients?) on the net that she resorted posing as a street walker for attention.

Anonymous said...

^ the TWAT has new clients and they're europeans. Who do you think is paying for her tickets to fly to London and Italy? Tila Tequila's spreading her STD to Europe.