Monday, July 12, 2010

Tila starting a cult?

NOTE: This blog is hypothetical - meaning about the Illuminati stuff.

I know I haven't been blogging a lot lately about Tila. Nor have I been on twitter as much as I used to be. It's just different for me now. I am not as interested in Tila as I use to be. Maybe that's because her crazy has gone down just a little bit? I don't know.

This post won't JUST be about Tila. It is about a few things I have been reading about and have become very interested in. They do tie in with Tila just a little bit though.

Tila's Illuminati posts have been very annoying in my opinion. Do NOT let Tila fool you. She is not the first person to write about the Illuminati - she won't be the last to write about them either. One site I found sort of interesting if you are in to that sort of thing is VigilantCitizen.

Tila likes to talk a lot about how all these artists are SATANIC and part of the Illuminati, and how bad they are. I find that VERY hypocritical. Tila was trying to OFFER her "Tila Army" to the Illuminati before this all began. Sort of like a sacrifice in my opinion. When she learned they didn't want her she decided they were evil.

My question to Tila Army: Do you really think Tila cares about informing you about secret occults and the evil they may be doing?

In my opinion she doesn't care. The Illuminati being in charge of the music industry has been a very popular subject for awhile now. There's blogs all over the internet about it. Everything you've read from Tila's website about them comes from a different blog already on the internet.

I do believe Tila does a lot more stupid than smart, but I am not ignorant of the fact that sometimes she DOES know what she is doing. Just like her Illuminati posts. It is a VERY popular subject right now. I am sure she knows this and that is why she makes these posts about it. Not to inform you, but to gain more hits on her site. I have no doubt her Illuminati posts are some of the more popular ones.

According to many conspiracy theorists these artists basically "sold their soul to the devil" to get FAME. The Illuminati shows them the fame and glory they can have if they become apart of this. Some people (like Lady Gaga) admit they just want fame. Fame is what they live for. Is that what Tila is about? Obviously, yes. She will do anything to get a little bit of attention, even if it is negative. If The Illuminati wanted to offer Tila to be apart of their elite she would join it in a heart beat. She already offered herself to them. She offered you army members to them as well seeing as you guys will ONLY listen to her - that's in her own words.

Tila talks about how she is God's angel sent from heaven all the time. Quite a grand delusion, indeed. Tila is full of sin. Pedophilia, porn, attempted suicide, vulgar language, etc. are all apart of sin. I didn't realize God would send an angel to do all that. Of course he wouldn't. Tila would drop God in a second if the Illuminati were real and wanted her to be apart of them. If that meant she had to defy God, I don't think she would care.

All the talk she does of mind control by the Illuminati is b.s. as well. TILA IS MIND CONTROLLING THE TILA ARMY. Not all of the Tila Army, because some of them do have their own mind. When Tila tells you all to attack the haters she is doing it in a way to CONVINCE you guys that you should. Such as saying we are evil, bringing negativity, stressing her out, etc. She is using all these words to convince you we should all be attacked, for HER honor. Some of you army members attack us for no other reason, but us insulting Tila. It's like you guys are her mindless drones doing everything she asks you to. She's offering you guys off to possible occults like you are her property. She is turning the Tila Army in to a cult. Remember, I didn't say ALL of you were apart of this. She says she will unfollow/block people who talk to the haters. Since that's like some sort of punishment for some of you - you decide you can't talk to us at all unless it is to insult us. Just because Tila told you to do that.

The good thing about us "haters" is that we DON'T have a leader. We say, do, talk to, whoever we want. We don't have some leader telling us what to do, and willing to sacrifice us for their own personal gain. If I want to talk to a Tila fan I can do so without a hater bitching at me about it. WE are allowed to think for ourselves. I'm not saying it's okay for haters to just insult people for no reason, BUT at least they are doing it from their own free will not someone else's.

I do think some of you should open your eyes. Tila is trying to turn you guys in to a cult. She IS telling you what to do and not do, and some of you ARE really listening.

The media is a form of mind control. Things we watch on TV do make up what we think and believe. But it is our choice not to be consumed by it and to question everything. That is my opinion.

Anyways, the point of this blog is -- how far is Tila going to take this? She's slowly turning her "army" in to a cult. Some of you need to open your eyes and see what is really going on.

My last question to Tila Army: Are you guys ready for Tila to auction you off to the Illuminati for her own personal gain?

Don't tell me she wouldn't do that either. The proof is already capped and STILL on her blog. I guess she's just leaving it there incase they change their mind.


Ben said...

We don't have a leader?

Fuckin A, who is cashing the checks I'm sending in then?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

apology for all caps and punctuation, spelling. Damn touch screen phone makes it ........confusing. I defo wasn't screaming all that. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they are smart enough to RUN when she asks them to move to some remote country and drink from her big bowl jungle juice.

Thats a jim jones reference, the younger people here may have to google him :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that since Tila changed the format of her comments section that she is not getting near as much traffic as before. A post about herself that usually got 400 plus comments now gets around 50-80. She really shot herself in the foot this time. Now all of the comments are from her retarded Army kissing her ass.

Anonymous said...

She probably will change the comment section back when she notices 3/4 of her traffic is from the jeliz h8rz reading the comments.

I've seen a few people say they only go there to read the comments or to leave one, i cant see many going back to read comments from her army kissing her butt and telling her how good she is.

BKiddo said...

Anon @ 10:59,
I worry that the ever so faithful hangers on will drink the juice, while tila sneaks out the back door. (sadly, I remember Jim Jones, Manson, Koresh, ect.)
I think Spiked is right too. When tila dreamt up her first suicide attempt, she tweeted to her fans/nimrods, to tweet P.Diddy for help. Well, he did respond, and from the sounds of it, he was not too thrilled about any of it. So, she then tweeted back to P.Diddy that she's sorry her fans botherd him. Basically blaming her fans for embarassing her because they did what she asked them to do.
She's doing what I would call mental abuse. Saying one minute that they're a family, and then the next minute, they can't be in the family because they did wake her up on time, or they weren't in on the Jane joke.
I don't give a crap about the older perverts that go there, it's the younger ones who don't understand I worry about.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about all the old suicide tweets she left over a year or so ago telling her "army" to tweet or retweet if they wanted her dead (or something like that. I read it from one of the aritclez on Rot Spot). WHO does that? Would an angel of God tell people to tell their "army" to tweet someone dead? (even if it is only her) She is so far from sick she can't tell what is right and what is wrong. Nor does she care to know the truth. The truth in her mind is the only truth that matters no matter what it is or how sickening her thoughts may be.

I really don't get someone like her. If she really is the good person she always says she is then why do her lies make her out to be the true monster that she is. She hates on the haters so much and I honestly believe it's because they make her see her true self, and for that, she cannot stand them.

BKiddo said...

Hi there Anon,
I think we could be talking about the same post. When I read the screen caps of her tweet during that time, I couldn't beleive someone could tweet that either.
I am in complete agreement with you.
Wonder who the next person she'll latch onto and drag down with her.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, BKiddo. That could very well be the same post. I don't remember too much about it except the fact that she was tweeting (wishing?) to make her die. Not quite sure how that would come about from posting on Twitter. Unless she was (once again) trying to make herself look like the victim of online bullying or harrassing. Oh, that's right, she wouldn't do that, though.

I am very surprised she didn't start in with the Kim Kardasian (sp?) and the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape scandals. We all just KNOW she would never do anything like that the angel of God herself and classy woman that she isn't. Oops, is.

Anonymous said...

the TWAT has a sex tape, just google it. It was from years ago when her hair was still brown. It looks like a professional outdoor porn vid. Maybe it was her way to get into TV show?

Anonymous said...

Great Post. Exactly my thoughts, Tila is the biggest lying hypocrite of all! If the Illuminati gave her chance, she would jump on that opportunity faster than you can say "Famed Whore" She is the epitome of all things evil & sinful.