Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tila's new interview

It's always nice to watch an interview of Tila's and see that she's still full of shit. She talks about how she NEVER deletes a blog. Basically saying that if you're gonna write something then keep it up. Does she not remember all the blogs she's taken down? I don't really remember them all, but I do remember the Khloe Kardashian story was taken down and the story about Anakin Skywalker. I know there's many more as well. Here's two links that have her stories still up that I have capped. Click HERE and HERE .

She also goes on to say how she doesn't insult anyone unless they insult her first. What's the deal with Lindsay Lohan then? Tila's been tryin' to ride her hard for months now. As far as I know - Lindsay hasn't said one thing to or about Tila. That's who Tila is though. When she tries to be "friends" with people and they ignore her she goes insane. Linds and The Illuminati are two examples. She's been riding Perez Hilton's dick for ever now too. He stopped mentioning Tila altogether last year. Although he did tweet her ONCE when she deleted her officialtila page, saying "Good Riddance." Why does Tila bother to lie about any of that? I guess people who don't really know her or pay attention will believe it, but no one else does.
Does anyone else notice how POOR the quality on the interview is? I had to turn my volume up all the way to hear it. How professional, right?

Tila keeps telling her fans to ignore her haters, yet she keeps talking about her haters. This girl seriously has a thing for all of us haters. Also she tells Mittiee that ALL the hater blogs got shut down. Last time I checked me and TilaTruth are still up and running, and Rotspot isn't SHUTDOWN it's been made private basically. You are such an idiot Tila.

Anyways here's the crappy interview! ENJOY!


Joann said...

Don't read any of her interviews thoroughly..basically just skim through them.

Of course she deletes post on her piece of crap blog and everyone knows it...even her idiotic army...they just won't admit it and she started her blog off insulting other celebs.

In fact, that was suppose to be the main feature that was going to make her blog so different from the others.

"Ta-Ta my lil ones. mama TT is posting up a fucking STORM at my Gossip Blog. But this is on some REAL SHIT! Its gonna be EXPLOSIVE! BYE BYE!
6:09 PM Feb 22nd via web"

She said she would get inside dirt on celebs and put it on her piece of crap blog for all to see.

I learned a long time ago the skank does nothing but lie and build herself up with more lies so her interviews are boring to me.

I can't wait until one of her lies catches up with her, she lands in big trouble and is put out of business.

Tila is a waste and contributes nothing of any value to the human race.

She also got extensions put in her hair and now wants everyone to think it's her own hair(her hair was super short in the back when she was a blond) and she says she styled it herself.....yea right. She lies about EVERYTHING.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I remembered when TRS mentioned that they were getting board with Tila and were planning to move on to something else. I knew when the inevitable would come, Tila will try and take credit for winning the "war" and spin it to make it look like she shut them down. Oh so predictable Tila.

Joann said...

I forgot to add...if it wasn't for the "haters" the skank wouldn't have any hits to her piece of crap blog cause all the army does on her twitter is kiss her ass, RT they're playing her crappy songs over and over and over and beg for shit.

Nitwits should know by now if it's not a RT from her or a shout out here and there, they ain't getting nothing else. lol

She ought to be glad for the haters, they keep it interesting.

Ray said...

I think Tila loves the haters, she needs them so she can point and blame them for her problems.

Has any of her fans made even 1 blog half as good as Spike's or TRS? If the fans liked her as much as we didnt they would've.

I can only geuss at the amount of checking and looking back at her crazy that would go into making a blog like this. Thanks for doing it, i coundnt :)

beags3 said...

I thought the poor sound was actually a blessing in disguise!! I did not have to hear her lips smacking!!

Anonymous said...

I can teach you playing piano for 2 months and you'll play better than what her dirty fingers do on a piano.

Anonymous said...

I am off topic here~But I do hair for a living,And the back of her hair was soooo short-It would be hard to get extensions in her hair-Example-B.Spears hair..when it first started growing out after she shaved her head..Wow the pics of her hair with extensions,bad...
I think in some pics-even this video..Shes wearing a wig!And a really big one-Her head looks so abnormal.More so than b4..

Anywaz~Great blog! I do hope to see TRS back up and running soon!

Anonymous said...

I think that blu blu blah blah uh uh translates to(I AM THINKING OF ANOTHER BIG LIE TO TELL)

Joann said...

@Anonymous..7/28..6:30 AM,

You know, I think you're right about her wearing a wig.

It reminds me of a hairstyle J-Lo use to wear at one time and it does make Tila's head look too big for her body.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am disappointed in the "rotspot" and I know Spikey has nothing to do with that blog but they did not even accept my comments.

I was asking what has Nicky Rainey done because I have been out of the loop?

The last time I was on she was a guest blogger and there was a video.

How does this compare to what Tila has done?

If a blog starts to make fun of her weight I cannot support it.

If a blog takes excerpts from when Nicky was 14 or 15 (a minor)I cannot support it

Those excerpts seem to be from a troubled young woman and I cannot support a blog that is just bullying.

The reason I am saying this is because they are calling Nicky a whore,c*m bucket and there is no evidence that she is.

We had our own problem with Tila but we are glad we never joined the "resistance."

Just because someone has a different opinion than yours you are a "hater" who does this remind you of.

Good Luck to you Spikey

Peace OUT!

Anonymous said...

cross-eyed much or am i??? in the first video...wtf!

Spiked Tequila said...

Yeah I think you guys are right. That has to be extensions there's no way her hair got that long.

BKiddo said...

No, you're right anon @11:47. tila's eyes are as wonked out as her boobs.
I agree, that one of thease days tila will piss the wrong person off, and she's going to regret it big time.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 7/28 11:39am:

From my understanding, Nikky received a few emails "outing" one of the Rotspot girls. Nikky then posted pictures of the girl on Twitter and made fun of her weight. It wasn't a Rotspot writer though, it was a deceased friend. (She might also have been the widow of a Rotspoter's current boyfriend, but I'm not clear on that.) That's what I've been able to figure out of this mess, I hope it's somewhat accurate.

I agree with you completely though - I think Rotspot is completely crossing the line with the Nikky stuff - I understand what she did was very rude and possibly unforgivable, but her offense is still light years away from what Tila has done. It seemed like the purpose of Rotspot was to expose Tila's public lies (while making jokes about her), but this Nikky blog seems like it's just out to ruin her life. I read a few of its entries, and it's just awful. It's like they're trying to make Nikky the next Jessi Slaughter...

Anyway, I'm glad that Spiked Tequila, TilaTruth, and QOCAP are still focusing on the truth of Tila's lies. They're all well-written and entertaining - keep it up!

As for this post: It's got to be a weave or wig - no way that's real hair. And nothing against the Social Writers blog, but it's far from the high profile interviews that Tila promised. Maybe I'm reading too far into this, but she looks around a lot when she's talking - cliche body language sign for lying.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Hotty Rotty" we didnt even realize you were a girl.SERIOUSLY! Why are you calling yourself
"Hotty Rotty" It is proper protocol for someone else to call you "HOT" Not yourself
Have we become self-absorbed and narcistic?

Lets see a current picture so we all can judge you!

"Hotty Rotty" you are going to reopen your rotspot blog early if teamrotspot becomes a "trending topic" on twitter?

You sound just like TILA!
HOTTY ROTTY you can keep it CLOSED!!!No great LOSS

Join TEAMROTSPOT? ...isnt that like an army or cult?

Hotty Rotty you made a pig noise on a nicky video and posted it...Isn't that like what like Tila did to Melissa1983?

What the heck happened to you?

I was one of the first posters on your site and do you remember the objective?You wanted to use one of my emails from Buzznett.I am glad my wife talked me out of it.I am afraid it would be all over the internet with 14 year old son's picture.

The objective was about underage KIDS..You are posting stuff from when Nicky was 14 +15 ...

And DElfussio is mad because you rejected him?.Sounds like Tila on Howard Stern with small dick syndrome

I thought edwardoretardo was a guy too.How is anybody suppose to know. who is who...

Time to take a look in the mirror "hotty rotty" and I have no problem telling you who I am ..what about you?

Sorry Spikey ..I am sorry I used your blog and GOOD LUCK in School.We think you will make a great journalist.

I also asked Seola politely to reconsider the blog.GREAT JOB BULLYING A 19 YEAR OLD who just turned 20...and she apologized to you!

Anonymous said...

Here I'm being a stalker again, but Tila posted to Twitter that she was on TMZ yesterday but didn't know about it until a friend told her. She also retweeted a link to the video that mentioned she came up at 5:53.

Not only does she directly address the TMZ cameraman in the clip, but the TMZ crew all laughed at her for practically having a photoshoot in the Lambo dealership parking lot and pointed out that she left in a Passat. (She claimed it was her stylist/assistant's.)

So apparently she didn't know she was on TMZ, even though she talked directly to their cameras...

Gregor said...

Hard Truth ..off Subject

I just caught "hotty Rotty" in a lie .She is accusing me of being Nino. The idiot that made up the baby for sale. I think you know who I am spikey. I tried to help you with your ear infection and sent you the Howard Stern audio link.I also battled with Flaiceman man when he called you a w#ore.The sad thing is we were all suppose to be together against Tila but truthfully Tila has not done anything lately that breaks the law. Lied yes but this is Tila.So "HOTTYROTTY' turns against Nicki and I agree Nicki is not the brightest bulb but does not deserve the hate blog with vile accusations. Like I said our case is done with Tila.Tila basically claimed PTS Post-Traumatic Syndrome...But we are also done with the resistance too though we were never a part of it.We are done with twitter too.
Life is short we should be happy Tila has not stripped for minors lately.

The only thing I ask is that you tell "HOTTY" I was never nino..the truth

What else has HottyRotty lied about???

Living well is the best revenge!

We never had a problem with tila truth or you Spikey and we wish you the best of the luck in the future

greg in florida

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the points here Nicky puts her full name and photo on her blog but does the Rotspot? We as readers have no idea who is who.Who is male and female. anonymous is what they live by so they can never be criticized.It is easy bashing some one anonymously look at this post.But if the Rotspot wanted to be credible put true pictures and bios.You should be PROUD of your work!

Gregor said...

Now "hotty rotty' is saying it is not a rotspot blog but she writes on it! PROMOTED IT ALL DAY along with links .....boy you are a tough chick!way to back track !LOSER!!!!!!

Can dish but can't take!!!

greg from Fla.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, spikedtequila, I have to chime in on the rotspot gals who either write for that new stupid Raney blog, or support those who do. The don't approve of comments that are overly negative there (only backslappers allowed!!) so I'm going to take what I tried to post there yesterday and put it here.


I get that you're angry. I would be, too. But seriously, she's young, she fucked up and you're going to leave this bully shit up forever?

Who's the bigger person? Certainly not you.

I don't expect this comment to be allowed as dissension isn't welcome, is it? Who does that remind me of?

You've moved from trying to shut down Tila's influence on children to vicious bullying. Good for you. You have lost all credibility to those of us who cannot abide bullying.

Too bad, I mostly liked the Rotspot before this.



They might as well just join /b/ where the assholes of the internet gather. Thanks, and I'll go back to just enjoying this and Tilatruth.

Anonymous said...

I was done with ROTSPOT when the fake baby set-up went down.I CANT STAND TILA but that was wrong and illegal.I just read the Nicky Raney blog and it is cyberbullying at its best.They are using quotes from her when she was 14 years old. TOTALLY WRONG..

You dont have to sign on to twitter also. It doesnt affect our lives either way.

How is that trending topic going?

Delfussio was hilarious too but sometimes he was a bit over the top.But the rotspot threw him under the bus too.

Spiked Tequila and Tilatruth are the only 2 blogs I will go to because goofing on Tila is funny.I am still laughing at that bird dress.

Ima said...

Well, ok I'll chime in and i do apologize to Spiked Tequila for Hijacking the board here.

Absolutely loved the Rotspot. I posted there as Ima (Imalaffer – although I am on twitter as eelpie4u – I know, I am so shameless:).

Anyway, I’d check the Rotspot first thing when I got on my computer. I loved the wit, the sarcasm, the jokes, the pictures. I also loved the truth of it.

I was on vacation when the whole Nikkigate controversy went down. So I wasn’t quite sure what had happened. An explanation was posted on the Rotspot and I agree that what Nikki Raney had done was pretty bad. And yes, I agree that she’s a bit not a 100% right in the head, and seems to lie about her weight. O.K I get it.

But now the Rotspot has been closed, and all of that clever intelligence that was aimed at Tila is now aimed at Nikki Raney. Sorry, I don’t get it. I must be missing something.

Anyway, as an aside, Tila is claiming to have shut down the Rotspot. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn’t. I guess only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Some feelings were hurt so rotspot went down to full-time bully Nikky.

They'll be back up and lots of us won't give 2 shits that they are because they have shown their true colors.

Tila is a great outlet for their assholery and most of us are great with that (hell, that's why we're reading these blogs) because she's all kinds of harmful to impressionable teens. But when that assholery is turned so viciously against someone like Raney, who fucked up, but isn't in the same LEAGUE as Tila... Grow the fuck up.

My husband doesn't really get how cyber bullying can hurt people, but it really can. You have an internet persona, you have internet friends (who often become IRL friends) and you have spaces that you go, and where you're recognized and welcome and sometimes respected. When you get to that point, you have an internet persona that can get hurt, right?

I mean, talk about a man's dead wife, that's not cool. Make fun of her appearance and it's downright cruel.

But seriously, folks, we're not 12 years old. Do I have to say this? 2 wrongs don't make a right?

And so now this person, Nikky, who has an internet persona, is being hurt right back, discredited, and perhaps haunted by bully blogs far into her adult life that live on in cyberspace. Is that right? Really? Couldn't she have "learned her lesson" another way?

Or, God forbid, people just learned to walk away and ignore the girl because she wasn't worth their time. God forbid people actually act like adults.

I can't believe I'm getting worked up over this. It's just not right!

There. I feel just a teensy bit better.

Anonymous said...

I do hope the Rotspot reopens because I Don't want Tila to think she has won but I will never go there again..I just read some of the tweets and if you take the names off them it sounds JUST LIKE TILA. If you take the names off the blog about Nicky it would appear that tila created it. There is a video of Nicky and a pig oinking.This is one of the many many many reasons why we can't stand TILA because she did the same thing to a girl.Where is the terrible blog that Nicky did? If it is on the Rotspot they can Keep it.

anon 7:52 you are so correct and don't give your email to the Rotspot

Former resistance member...geez what have we become????

Thanks Spiked Tequila for not "going there"

livvey said...

Also sorry for the hijack too. I also posted something somewhat critical of what was going on with the Nikki Raney situation and it was never approved either. In face, comments were all removed from that post. So here's my two cents on the situation that I wrote yesterday....

I understand that she did hurt people with her actions. However, I don't think going out of your way to tear down someone who is clearly unstable will accomplish anything.

Sorry but it's just my opinion and probably isn't very popular here at the moment, but I really feel like this has gone too far.

Tila puts herself out there that makes it easy to point out her hypocrisies or lies. Nikki is clearly a young girl with some self-esteem issues who was trying to be liked by anyone showing her attention. I don't think doing something like this is productive.

While what she did was wrong, I don't think this level of response is justified. This is crossing the line. I'd hate to see my life held up to a microscope. What she did was wrong and mean. But this is just malicious and I can't see anything good coming from it.

livvey said...

Oops, the sentence at the top should be "In fact,..." even though in face does sound more interesting.

Joann said...

As I read comments for today I noticed a lot of people are angry with TRS for what they're writing about Nikky.

TRS is down so where are you guys reading this?

I'm in the dark here? Is there another blog out by them?

Ima said...


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is the ROTSPOT thinks they are the main team against Tila and if you are not on twitter and a member of teamrotspot you are not legit.I usually go to Tila Truth but THIS BLOG is very well written.The person above is right rotspot says if it becomes a trending topic they will open their blog earlier.This sounds like TILA TEQUILA.....OMG OMG OMG WHO CARES ROTSPOT!!!!Close it down and shove it!...Go DelFUSSIO! You crack me UP!

Thanks for the forum !!!!!
the anti-nickey blog does not take all comments why?..Butthurt? LOLZ

Anonymous said...

@Ima I wasn't going to go looking for it, but since you posted the link....yeah, that blog is completely uncalled for and yes, they do sound exactly like Tila. As much as I used to love reading the rotspot I was a little put off by the hipocracy even before the whole Nikki Raney thing. In the early days, whenever a commentor disagreed with something one of them wrote, there would be an angry response ala "If you don't like what's written here then f- off" (just like you-know-who)until, eventually, they begain blocking dissenting comments (just like you-know-who).

Anyway Spike, thanks for giving us a forum to vent. I say we all leave trs behind. I've always preferred SpikedTequila and TilaTruth anyway because they what they do without being so vindictive.

Anonymous said...

Just read all the comments. Shameful of the drama going on? I was a Rotspot reader because they are a good blog that made me laugh but, when they started writing about Nikey, I just felt they were heading towards the wrong direction. I commented that they should just ignore her because I just felt she was not worth the trouble. You can't argue with a child, and bullying her to death is just unacceptable. I believe the rotspot girls have children themselves so they should know better. I'm sure they wouldn't like it if they caught adults bullying their own children. I understand what Nikey did was brutal and not cool but, she's young and naive. At least Tila is a grown ass woman, who's like 30 years old...she deserve's to be picked on. LOL Just my two cents. Good job Spikey! I do enjoy reading your posts as well. I will follow spiked tila and tila's truth blog from now on. I look forward for Rotspot to reopen again but I won't follow the Nikey blog, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Opps! I meant, I wont follow the Nikky blog!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You have to be on twitter and a member of the "Resistance" to be legit? WTF.

Methinks their dislike of Tila is a bit of projection. They're JUST like Tila with her "Tila Army."


And I don't mean when were they born. I mean, this is just so freaking immature.

Thanks, Spikey for the lulz. SERIOUSLY!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Do I need to be a member of the Resistance or a member of the Rotspot? How do I join? Do I make a video? Do I kiss ass? Do I just join the mob mentality and "group think?"

Someone please, please tell me because all I want is to belong to something!! My life will have true meaning if I belong to this powerful, vindictive group. I'll finally feel important! Someone TELL ME!!


Anonymous said...

I love Spikey's blog, Tila Truth & Rot Spot. Why don't you complainers take your comments to twitlonger and write Rotty all you want. I am not a Resistance member although I do support their blogs. The Nikky blog has nothing to do with Rot Spot & has different writers with I believe Rotty being the only 1 who writes on both. When Uncle Eddie & her fiance were viciously attacked with erroneous information by Nikky, she asked for it. Tricks are for kids. Nikky chose to play with adults real lives and it backfired. No sympathy for Nikky!
Luv you Spikey!

Anonymous said...

Quite honestly, the reason that people aren't going to take their concerns directly to the TRS ladies, it's because HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT THEY DO TO PEOPLE?!?!?! They are anonymous cyber bullies. I think what Nikky did was immature, but she clearly had NO IDEA what she was doing at the time. She does NOT deserve this mean spirited bullying. You say that Nikky "viciously attacked" someone, but all I saw her do was say that someone who IS fat should not be calling Nikky fat. She was wrong about the identity, but that's it. Did I miss something?

And yeah....the whole "let's get rot spot to trend and i'll put the blog back up" crap is just SOOOOO tila-esque I can't stand it.

allen said...

I agree!! anon3:14 I asked to speak to Hottyrotty last night but she said she was too busy.(understandable)

I have not asked much from HottyRotty.The last time a talked to her was in FEB.I just wanted to clear the air and give our take but I guess you can't have your own opinion on issues..sound familiar?

Then "Hotty" called me a hater!!! sound familiar? Just like Tila.


Joann said...

Thanks Ima for the link. Did not know all of this was going on. WOW.

To be honest, having TRS shut down their site, whether it be a a few weeks or a few days, to concentrate on rattling the mind of a person who seems to be as unstable as Tila, is IMO, a waste of time and their talent.

If that is their choice, and it seems to be, then so be it. Personally, I have voiced my opinion about Nikky and don't wish to take it any further.

I will remember my time with TRS and will miss them.

I know Tila gets boring with the same bullshit over and over but her lying days are up and she will go down in a way none of us expected. I will have a front row seat to enjoy seeing her go down in flames.

FUYU said...

I wish someone could transcribe the interviews, it's so paaaainful to watch all the lip-smacking and slurring crap coming from her nasty mouth. I know no one would waste their time to though lol.

allen said...

I have seen you in the blog comments sections from time to time.I think Nicky is kinda annoying and after reading the blog it seems she may need medical professional help.Do you think the blog was over the top?With pictures on how to slit your wrists and the piggy video.The photos and excerpts of when she was 14..Just Curious


Anonymous said...

I completely agree that TRS has gone too far.

They are just downright abusive if you even slightly disagree with them, calling people 'retards', 'dumbasses' and much, much worse.

They also tell you to 'Get over it' if you don't agree with them. Perhaps they should take their own advice.

I think the best thing for them would be to step back and look at the things they are doing. They may realise that they are behaving as bad as, if not worse than, Tila and Nikky.

Anonymous said...

HEY HOTTY where is your trending topic?



WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joann said...

Allen....I have never seen those videos or heard about them.

I am completely out of the loop when it comes to Nikky.

I commented on how she did the flip flop thing and how surprised I was, left a couple of comments about her actions and was done even thinking about her.

What's the link to her videos?

FUYU said...

I wasn't going to add into this whole nikky drama, but how is TRS connected to the butterknives blog other than Eddie and her boyfriend being victims? None of the TRS bloggers are writers for the butterknives blog.

allen said...

hello ALL,

I have been against Tila since December and we(several families) filed a formal legal complaint against her in Jan. for sending naked pictures/videos to my 14 year-old son and his basketball team thru a music website and twitter(via links) to her Dating site. We thought it was disgusting. I have been on some blogs and reluctantly joined twitter.(@backlassh)
I remember when the Rotspot opened and they wanted to use my e-mails to Buzznett as a post.I thought the creator was a guy(I am sorry) but my wife talked me out of it.It is hard proving stuff on the net and Tila claimed PTS(post-traumatic syndrome) so are cased has stalled.

I am sorry for the long prequel.I wanted everyone to hear our story with Tila.I tried to talk to the HottyRotty last night but unfortunately she did not have time for me. A relative of mine(medical student) read the Nicky Raney Blog and was concerned for the welfare of Nicky.In our eyes it is WAY OVER THE TOP.Nicky appears to have some severe emotional issues but to put a picture on how to kill yourself properly is out-of-bounds.Also the pig squealing. is plain bullying.Some of the posts are when Nicky was 13 years old.Mark tried to talk to the poster just to step back and rethink it but was rejected.We are in medicine and you can believe it or not BUT THIS SITUATION CAN GO HORRIBLY WRONG QUICKLY and Nicky apologized and tried to make things right.I am disappointed in The ROTSPOT people because this is the same person that wanted to help my son?

I don't HATE them as hottyrotty said and we never hated Tila either.We just disagree with them.People have disagreements but I did not appreciate the way you treated my nephew Mark last night.He is not that great on twitter but knows medicine.He was concerned about the girls welfare.

I do wish you luck and I hope you find peace

Allen from Prescott

allen said...

Sorry Spikey for hijacking your blog.My brother-in-law speaks very highly of you.
Good Luck In School

To my Family and friends I know you want to defend Mark but lets just walk away.DONT DO IT! It is not our problem...

Best of Luck to everyone.

allen said...

JoANN ask HOTTY ROTTY on the buttersknives blog there is a video but hotty rotty put a pig noise in there..

we are DONE ....

good luck

Gregor said...

"HOTTY ROTTY" you have lost ALL CREDIBILITY WITH MANY PEOPLE you could have falsified that email..You lied to me TWICE LAST NIGHT and you know it...I am not nino and I never dmed you.But you insisted I did and what did we find out? HA! LIAR!!!!! You are a BULLY plain and simple.

What makes you think we would believe a word you say now and what else have you lied about?

Sorry Bro I HAD TOO..I will stop ...

Good Bye and Good Luck to You Spikey I hope you find peace,love and happiness

thanks spikey

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does Tila's head look even larger than normal. I know she's probably wearing a bad wig, but if it were me I'd at least get one that suited me. Maybe she thought it looked classy or more mogulish. Just a random thought.
On the other unofficial theme running through comments.
http://butterknivesandbutthurt.blogspot.com, is now private.

Agnes Agony said...

LOL to whomever brought up that dumb bitch 11 year old Jessi Slaughter.

She got what was coming to her and if I was her mum, I would've bitch-slapped her so hard into next week, she would be shitting Wednesday outta her arse.
She gets zero empathy from my no-heart.

Bitches like Nikky Raney needs to butch up and take the lumps like a woman. Get off the interwebz if you can't handle criticisms and having your arse handed to you. Go play in traffic.

I didn't care too much for the hate blog simply because it was the same rehashed story by 30,000 different bloggers.

As for TRS minuscule involvement, I've only seen one post from Rotty. Regardless, I'm still team TRS, TTT and ST.

I digress...

Betcha TT will delete her Lambo tweets in a few days and then accuse her "gelos h8rz" that they are lie-telling. Claiming she never said she was planning to buy a Lambo. LULZ! Lambo sucks. My bff's Evo-9 pwns a Lambo! Muahahaha

Joann said...

@Agnes Agony...I'm also waiting to read her pitiful excuse why she didn't buy the Lambo.

She won't delete the tweet because she took a poll asking her idiot army what color should she get. Too many people know about it now.

Allen said..."we(several families) filed a formal legal complaint against her in Jan. for sending naked pictures/videos to my 14 year-old son and his basketball team thru a music website and twitter(via links) to her Dating site."

See this is what I mean when I say Tila needs to be banned from the Internet.

Allen also said...."Tila claimed PTS(post-traumatic syndrome) so are cased has stalled."

PTS..from what??? She knew EXACTLY what she was doing.
She knew the ages of those kids and she sent the pictures anyway. SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE.

Trust me...if Tila sent naked pictures to Allen's kid and his friends she has also sent the same kind of pictures to the entire army...that's why they all think she's so hot. That's the main reason they are so loyal to her.

Why else would a group of tweens and teens be interested in Tila.

She doesn't make or sing their kind of music, she's not a movie star, she has no show on TV, she only appears in bars where they can't go...so what's the attraction???? You do the math.

Ain't no telling what that skank has going on with that army of hers.

allen said...

Tila is claiming Post-traumic syndrome from the Shawne Merriman incident. We have been at this for a long time..

The hot spot dating chat is where the nude photos/videos came from and it is shut down but who knows she could be doing it from somewhere else.The kids are fine but the way they were getting in to the adult chat is what bothered us.Tila or someone was sending links on twitter and buzznett music site.

We are done with Tila and the resistance

peace out

Anonymous said...

I'm over TRS hope it doesnt come back, and the Nikky blog's ajoke, posting shit from when she's 15? WTF LMAO..

Anonymous said...

@Agnes Agony She had her group of bored wannabe bitches post the storys

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Tila was contacted, if she claimed PTS. That explains why she has only done, I believe 2, videos of herself in a long time. I was wondering why she stopped. They were the workout videos (ROFL) and she tried so hard to make a boob fall out of the shirt. I think the videos were still too provocative for minors, but what do I know.

She is lying up a storm on twitter now. A sex tape with lady gaga. SMH

Anonymous said...

When a group loses the actual mission statement. Does vile acts and may have a committed a crime to bring due justice" on a person ARE THEY ANY BETTER?

I think Greenpeace while their intentions are good their actions are wrong and sometimes criminal.

This is how I view the ROTSPOT and NICKY.Nicky is very immature, did a bad thing and has some issues.THE BLOG ABOUT HER WAS WAY OVER THE TOP and you KNOW IT "HOTTY ROTTY"

And after writing on it,setting it up and advertising it all day HOTTY says she had nothing to do with it!

How is that trending topic on twitter going?


Spikey please don't join this B.S.

Anonymous said...

Butterknives like MANY people above stated did not take any comments that were not bashing Nicky.I don't care for Nicky but she is just immature and only 19.Now people want her dead? My comment was constructive but it was not accepted and before it was closed I think the high count was 5 comments..Rotspot criticized Tila for not accepting comments on facebook.How is this any different?

My view on the internet is if you cannot say it to a person's face then don't say it on the internet.I have to agree I could care less if the Rotspot ever reopens.Rotspot is just a clique and if you disagree you are stoned!

I wonder what would happen in "real life"
"HOTTY" Rotty how old are U? At least half of your twitter name is correct!

Anonymous said...

I commented here a few days ago-Just had to say that-After seeing what was done to you young woman NR,I just dont know if I can support TRS as a fan.Though I thought it was great that Tila was being exposed for what she ius doing to the kids..

This NR thing has become way off topic..And I agree..I love HOTTY ROTTY! Shes funnnnny as hell! But it looks like she is doing some of the exact things Tila does.TRS should also let people with differing opinions post there..But instead those comments were deleted? UM-SOOO isnt that what TILA does on OHMYGODMYBLOGSUX.COM? 8)

Anonymous said...

OK so now the butterknife site is by invitation only,I am glad-Because it could have ruined the young womans career(yes i know about her acting like tila in her panties)which was foolish-BUT shes young!Am I wrong in thinking a site dedicated to RUINING this girls life is WRONG?

One last note- HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND TST!!! 8)

boytoy said...

I am/was a member on the ROTSPOT and noicted that it was shut down i thought i was banned or something. I have seen the one blog aboutnikky before rotspot was shut down and the pig thing. I dont know the whole story about that. When i frist went to the blog i thought all the writers were guys and then figured out they were grown women.

That whole internet bullying thing is completely wrong for a grown married women with two teen kids(FATTY)to start a blog bullying a child is wrong in everyway.And to encourage other to bully nikki and tell her to die, there are alot of broken laws right there

boytoy said...

I also have been the victim of bullying from Fatty and from Sheriff(with the influence of fatty)i haven given my own advice and given my own stories which Fatty accused my of telling her what to write and i disagreed with her. And then with Fatty influence sheriff contiuned with it calling me stupid and whatnot and said that he/she was going to make a youtube video of me making fun of me. Yeah Sheriff where is that video making fun of me, u dont know me. how can u make a video making fun of someone behind a computer screen that u dont know/that u never meet We are 2 complete strangers. If u know me so well were do i live? what is my name?

And like everyone else said that when youi dont like or disagree witht he writers of the hotpsot they rip your head off.

Internet bullying is a crime i hope Fatty u go 2 jail. There was a story on CNN a while ago about a 30 yr old woemn who bullied too death a 14 yr old girl to kill herself. The women and girl were neighbours

Anonymous said...

All we see is a very young woman with self-esteem issues and more being BULLIED.A young woman who just wants to belong being BULLIED.We also thought the Rotspot was a few guys and a girl.Now we know better and we implore you to go read their tweets and judge for yourself. TRUE COLORS SHINING THRU...

TRS should remain CLOSED or by invite only...

There is a right and there is a wrong.Secure Adults know the difference...

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have commented on any of the 'big three' anti-Tila blogs and I'm a bit drunk and stoned so bear with me. I have followed them all passionately and, to my shame, almost obssessively since I stumbled across them following the sad demise of Casey Johnson, when I first became familiar with the stench and horror that is Tila Tequila.

They're the first sites I check on when I go online - they provide me with a lot of fun and entertainment. I spend about an hour of internet time per day on Tila stuff.I love the impartiality and detachment of you, Spikey, and The Tila Truth - you give us the bare, beautifully written, well documented and researched facts and let us interpret it as we want, whereas I love The Rotspot for the witty, crazy, uber-bitchy, articulate, opinionated, alpha-females that reside there and their fabulous posts on Tila. They never fail to deliver.
That said...........when I saw Rotty post on Twitter that she'd reopen TRS if people made it a trending topic (I think that's right, shite with twitter) it just made me think WTF this sounds like something Tila would say! Eh?

And all this Nikky Raney stuff, well, it just leaves a sour taste in the mouth. TRS can try and distance themselves from it now, but they promoted it, contributed to it and endorsed it relentlessly. It's unpleasant. She did a dreadful thing, and if I were personally involved in that story I would be raging. But it does not warrant a hate blog, albeit brief.
And all this join Team Rotspot/Tila Resistance stuff? This is the same kind of nonsense as the join the Tila Army bollocks surely?
I hope TRS get back on track soon. Tila has been quiet for too long, there's a storm brewing......

Sorry Spikey for hijacking x

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 1:46 "Well Said" and you are very articulate and well-spoken for some one under the influence!

Thank You Spiked Tequila for an open honest discussion!

Znitch said...

I'm sorry, but I really could care less about the whole "Nikky Rainey" bs that's been going on lately. I don't know who she is and I don't ever care to find out.

This blog is a place where we "haters" can come on here to laugh, mock and hell, make fun of Tila for all her stupidness and I could care less about talking about someone else that isn't the screw up that is Tila Tequila.

With that being said, thank you, Spiked Tequila for keeping the blog up to date and making all of us laugh at her "holy" stupidness and queen of all duhdom.

Really Tila? said...

I'll appologize in advance Spike for this rant that is about to overtake me...

Wow. All I can say is Wow. You know, there was a lot of behind the scenes things going on with this whole Nikky Raney bull shit drama. I get that you're angry. I get that you think that "She's just a kid", but come on! She's old enough to vote for Gods sake! She's old enough to play in the big leagues, make fun of a dead woman knowing that they had just lost their 3 week old baby and didn't care? I actually saw the things she tweeted before it was all erased by her once she realized "Eddie" wasn't Heidi. It was brutal! Like I said in my prior post, she made the decision to make "Heidi" famous, so a whole team (NOT ROTSPOT) of writers decided to make her famous like she had been begging them to do for weeks. Did Heidi who passed away, or their baby Danikka have a choice in being made famous by Nikky? They pulled the NR blog down because she finally offered as close to an appology as they were going to get. They didn't want it for THEM- They wanted it for JOHN, Heidi's HUSBAND and the father of their baby who was disrespected and she wouldn't offer one. That is why so many writers offered to write and create a blog. As soon as it came, the blog was pulled. End of story.

In response to Allen, come on already. I saw your relative Marks posts to HottyRotty and they were quite inflamatory and combative. It's no wonder she didn't have time to talk to you. I wouldn't bother either seeing all you do is post more disrespectful posts at every chance you get!

BoyToy, The person who really called you out was Eddie. If you're going to call someone out, get your facts straight. Yes Fatty is married with kids, and she's better then that. Don't come here trying to stir up shit that already is being thrown.

In respect to the real reason why the Rotspot is on Hiatus, I guess you'll have to wait and see. Tomorrow is their six month anniversary. I have a feeling that you're all going to be coming back thinking it's the greatest thing since....Well since the invention of the internet. We'll see how many of you are still talking smack when that happens. When I see you leaving comments, don't worry, I won't call you out on it. I'll just be laughing my ass of at your hipocrisy in "Never visiting the Rotspot Blog again!". I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

We didnt come to the ROTSPOT to know about NR-Or to know about the personal lives of the writers(I mean on the level that it became.)

Its over now right? BUT thru alllll of this,I just think Tila should be exposed..

For the families who have kids that she is brain-washing,We need this!

Sandra said...

"Really Tila?" I love you, totally agree. I love Spiked, Rot Spot, Qocap and Tila Truth! You all rock!

Anonymous said...

"Rotspot is just a clique and if you disagree you are stoned"

I read that from above,And I hope when TRS opens,We can all comment.It did sorta sometimes feel like you were not allowed to have an opinion!Unless the writers were ok with it.

Rotty has a great sense of humor-Actually I think she has what it takes to be a really well known blogger-Her writing style is so just over the top funnnnny!

Anonymous said...

All this NR crap is doing is dividing us and making the person who should have a felony against her or in jail stronger=Thien Nguyen.I really hope this goes away and we can band back together but I at this point I don't see that happening.Because Thien's past is prologue to her future and she is now doing what many predicted.Her gossip is all about her because she is ostracized in Hollywood.Spiked Tequila's next great post illustrates what she is willing to do to keep her failed blog going.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different morals, and are at different ages and stages of our lives.

I hope everyone can just take a step back and take a deep breath because we could use EVERYONE in the fight against Thien.
I cannot believe how Thien gets STILL media attention.Ktla,Fox Business News and Howard Stern should come out with retractions for allowing 6 more months of Thien's NONSENSE.

My 2 cents ...thanks for the use of the forum Miss Spiked Tequila!Please keep the screen caps coming because I don't want to go to Thien's Blog.

Anonymous said...

@ Really Tila? you wont see the comments that they dont like, it will be all brownnoser's.. they have to pass a check? lol

livvey said...

I'm sorry, but Nikki made fun of someone's weight who she thought was a part of the Rotspot. Unless there was anything more inflammatory than that, I don't think the punishment fit the crime. And lets say that she did say things nastier than that for arguments sake (and I don't know if she did or not). The behavior I witnessed was not something I'd expect of adults as a response to a young girl acting like a fool.

Sure, what she did was nasty, but she didn't go into it knowing she was making fun of a dead woman. Since I am not of the inner circle, I can only go by what seemed to be the stories floating around. And from those, it sounded like Nikki did massively put her foot in her mouth. But I think the overreaction was astronomical. Specifically, the time that went into creating a blog tearing down a girl that clearly has some issues, not based on mistaken identity, but on pure sociopathic behaviors. Then when people surround themselves with others who have a lynch mob mentality where they literally try to ruin someone, that is going to the extreme. The rotspot can try to distance themselves from the shitstorm of inappropriate behavior they created, but they closed down the RotSpot to pimp the new place. For them to sit back and say they aren't writers for it doesn't dissolve them of looking like judge, jury, and executioner on this.

Seriously. What they did to Nikki was totally fucked up. And if you don't see that, maybe you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what the hell is wrong with you. When my children were younger and I was at home, I got caught up in internet drama because I really had nothing else going on in my life. Now that we are living somewhere else that I love where we have a lot friends and I've gone back to work, I have just too much going on with my life to make it a mission to harass a girl barely out of her teens and tear down her life. I think some people need to reevaluate the priorities in their life and maybe find something more productive to do with their time because what I saw with this whole situation was people who really had way too much time on their hands and not a lot of other distractions going on in their lives. There were more mature ways to handle this and the people with the pitchforks chose not to do that. Instead, a slew of people showed themselves to be at the reactionary level of girls in junior high.

But when people show their true colors I will probably be much more of a lurker lest they decided to turn their nastiness on me. I know I have not lived a perfect life. I am human and no human has. If you think that what was gained from people setting up and writing the Nikki blog helped the situation in any way, you are sadly mistaken. There were two ways things could have gone after Nikki wrote what she wrote..one could have been something constructive to make her a better person. The other was to go after her like a hurricane and force an apology out of someone that would have said anything at the end out of fear.

When the RotSpot opens, of course I'll read it. I'm not denying I will. Tila sets herself up for this mockery and she brings others down with her (Shawn Merriman and Casey Johnson to name but a few). My views of the people who run that place have changed permanently though. I'm sure it doesn't matter to them, but that's just my two cents.

livvey said...
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livvey said...
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livvey said...

PS..Sorry for the deletions. I got an error message saying something was too big so I split it in two and resubmitted the posts but then I saw that the big reply did post after all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the most recent comments of why us "jelis haterz" are here? What brought us together in the first place? Tila. We shouldn't be distracted by Rotspot and their reasons why they shut down. My main problem continues to be TILA and her vulgar actions on our kids. I continue to support these anti-Tila blogs. I'm waiting for the day when she will be stopped. After all, she doesn't have a inch of talent in her to be around. She can't sing for shit, she's not a legit celebrity, and lies about everything she's want to achieve and then never talks about it every again. She claims to be a successful blogger but we all know that her flog is a complete joke. She can't write for shit, all she does is bash on real celebrities. My point is, it won't be long until she has another meltdown and does some crazy ass shit again! She must be banned from the internet. And I also agree with the above comment, I believe she does some illegal shit on the downlow, as shady as she is, I know she emails explicit material to minors. Think about it? She's done it before. Like someone else mentioned, why does her army worship her so much? Alot of them havent even met her in person so...what is the real reason why they love her so much, she has no talent??? She has to be emailing them explicit content if you ask me. Her laptop should be confiscated and investigated by the proper authorities, I'm they will find some interesting activities going on.

Anonymous said...

Also, I forgot to mention, keep up the good work Spikey! Thanks for keep us informed. I would like to see this blog updated more often but I understand you have a life, good luck!

Anonymous said...

The blog is down about NR yes.But the damage is done.

Spiked Tequila said...

Thanks everyone. It's hard for me to update a lot. I write my blog with only me..I don't have other writers so it's a little difficult. I just posted a new blog too

Anonymous said...

Love you spikey!!!!

boytoy said...

REALLY TILA: Fatty or Eddie is not better then that or much better then you think they joined in/started on the nikky blog
(not defending nikki).

The writers of TRS started this shit and they have to deal with with it and coming back acting like nothing ever happened. Their lucky nikki didnt kill herself. Then they would have had a big problem

I'm over this crap

Anonymous said...

I dont know whats happened-I opened TRS and just scanned thru..When you get a bad taste in your mouth its hard to get it out.I did see that they are acting like nothing happened with NR..

Oh well..Anyway I will be here checking in on TILA haha! I know you are just one person TST 8} But your blogs are really good,And I look forward to many more when ya can girlie!!

Really Tila? said...

@ Boytoy,
From your unintelligible grammar and lack of even remembering who you had the disagreement with, I think I'll take you back to school and remind you of your own fight on the playground. I remembered it just fine, but to be sure, I went back to the Rotspot's page and it's still up for all to see where you, Sheriff and Eddie had the disagreement because you didn't like what Fatty wrote. You wanted them to just write about the Escort story (Which they just did) without caring if they got sued. That is when Eddie stepped in and stuck up for their posts and said they'd write whatever the Fuck they wanted and didn't need you to tell them what to write and if you didn't like it, you could leave. Is it all coming back to you now?!?!

Let me also say this: If you look at Fatty's Twitter, she had absolutely NOTHING to do with Nikky's page. NOTHING. She stayed completely out of it. Again, don't go saying shit about Nikky commiting suicide when she was tweeting an "appology" between talking about Comic Con and Watching the Jersey Shore. Yeah, that screams of being heartfelt!!!! She was no where near being suicidal and anyone who was following the situation was very well aware of that. There's a big difference between a young 14 year old child and a grown adult woman. She was very blase' about the situation which was a very big indication that she was going about it in a calculating manner, where someone who is suicidal would not act in that way. (And yes, I have worked with Psychiatric patients so I am able to judge her actions.)

TRS IS going about it like nothing ever happened because she IS nothing to them. She tried to use them for Fame and she got what she wanted. She was never a guest writer on their blog-She merely had a vlog on their site for laughs at Tila's expense and she wanted to milk it for all it was worth. I love how you state "TRS started this shit". Wow. I didn't realize that THEY posted personal information about a dead woman for all to see. My bad! I could have sworn it was Nikky who started it. Oh thats right! SHE DID!

Lol, Silly Boytoy. Now I know why they said the things they did about you. You really are clueless!

The Blotspot said...

Just started reading your blog, Spikey. I find it much more informative than "the other" blog I steer clear of now. Also find that you let the comments fall where they may and don't moderate them. Koodos!
All in all? This blog is the real deal.

analasslube said...

Glad to see someone who doesnt moderate their comments. You know i love your blog girl, keep up the good work! xxoo J