Saturday, July 24, 2010

The next Lady Gaga? I don't think so...

UPDATE: LOL @Aleczandah has just informed me that the magazine that did that article about Tila is a Softcore Porn tabloid! That makes a lot more sense now. Check this link out HERE

Apparently the UK was lovin' Tila the past week. Saying things like she was gonna give Lady Gaga and Katy Perry a "run for their money." I just had to laugh.

I saw Tila's pictures and I read Rotspot's posts about her adventures in the UK. She didn't seem to do anything that OUTRAGEOUS. Do they think her showing a little bit of skin is a new thing for her? The tramp practically walks around naked everywhere. Do they not realize she's done naked pictures/videos before? This isn't new for her.

I also had to laugh at when they mentioned how she appeared on "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry." Um. She didn't even have a minute on that movie. She just made a small appearance. I doubt people watch that movie and say "Oh look! It's Tila Tequila!" No one knows who she is.

They also mentioned that she's just now trying her hand at music. She didn't just start this recently. I believe she started in 06-07. She didn't become successful at it then, I doubt she will now.

I guess that's what happens when people don't know Tila's past, and only heard about her when she went there. She's still a fail.

By the way. Just because I do not blog about Tila as much anymore or make a blog that ISN'T about her, doesn't mean I like her now. I am truly sick of her. I will write about her when something BIG has happened or something I thought what funny, such as this one. If you don't like it to bad. <3


Ben said...

You know you love her.

There's really nothing going on in the hogul's life, well aside from Heathrow cock-blocking her, winning enough lottery money to buy a plane, and then her priceless luggage getting lost. But she's just lying in twitter-verse, nothing that can proven or disproven.

She just needs to go away, the printed word in a smut magazine isn't going to increase your sales, especially when they don't get a single story right about you. But she's probably touching herself to that magazine as I type this.

My word verification is "gottinap" I wouldn't cry if she took a gotti nap, that's for sure.

Joann said...

Any reviewer can write up an article and say Tila will be the next this or the next that but the reality of it is...Tila will not be the next of anything.

The skank is done and on her last leg and she knows it. She has no talent..end of story.

She probably paid someone to write a good article about her or she "f" them.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that the reviewer didn't say that Tila would amount to ANYTHING- that was an 'industry insider', who would be either Mr Bradshaw or Tila's PR. Her managment team has a London office, which is how she would have booked a few gigs here. All the reviewer said was that Tila flashed her wonky tits and 'ladygarden', just text designed to help guys get off. BTW I am from uk and the Star is total trash. It is known for bullshit stories, slander cases and nipples. Just like Tila.

Julie Cornewell said...

The fact that Tila thought this was "an amazing review in a huge UK article" is just so freaking funny. She hasn't done anything crazy lately but her being completely clueless is even more entertaining.

Joann said...

Hi Spikey,

Can you do me a favor? TRS have made changes to their main page and I can't get on.

It's not accepting my Google U&P which I have always used.

Can you post their email address so I can email them to resolve this problem. Thank you much.

Spiked Tequila said...

Hey Joann

TRS has actually been closed for the time being. There has been some incidents and they have decided to close their blog.

There email is if you would like to contact them :)

Joann said...

Wow. Didn't know that. Thanks for the update and their email.

Spiked Tequila said...

No problem. I'm not sure why...I asked Rotty why and she just said "she was done" so I dunno. I think they are just busy and have a lot going on.

starra said...

i dont think tila would even realize when someone is making fun of her TO HER FACE! they would call her hot shit for flashing her tits, but in a sarcastic manner, she would take it as a compliment..

khandersuk said...

I see someone has already alerted you to this, but here is the place that describes all British papers. The Daily Star does the '5 headed baby born to alien mother in Arkansas' type stories